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Seat upgrade -350z seats


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Got a message the other day of someone selling some black leather 350z seats and I couldn't say no. Well I could of, but the price was great. Being they had red stitching kind of sealed the deal- lol.

they are power heated seats so I will have wiring to do plus some fab work. Looking forward to having some more flexibility and comfort in my ride. 

I guess there will be some 1st gen seats on the market soon!


well I would have posted a pic but the upload keeps failing

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pics when you can - interested to see if they are in scale w/the z interior. i put a heater kit in my oem seats when i installed new foam and re-upholstered them and it's quite nice since my z is a DD but i have to say i'm not a fan of the stock seats. uncomfortable and let you slide around, probably my biggest disappointment w/the entire build as i put a bunch of work and $$ into them. they look great but i've been on the lookout for a better solution since the first day i sat in them. 

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I've never measured 350Z seats, but seat width is a critical factor when considering replacements for later cars because of the catalytic convertor bump out on the floor. The mounting points for 77-78 are also less "universal". Putting different seats into 240's and 260's is easier than putting different seats into 77-78 280's.

I know this isn't a generic seat replacement thread, but I'm now rockin' Fiero seats. Most comfortable seats right out of the factory that I've ever pressed butt into.

Have you measured the width of the 350Z seats?

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I have be sitting on thesedefault_laugh.png for a year now and it will be another year and half before I get to them.

These are Z350 seats, no heat, manual adjustment, I haven't started really looking at what it will take to adapt these to the Z yet but I don't think it will be too difficult.

These measurements are for the bulk outside size but if you are willing to do away with some of the plastic trim around the base you could get the footprint smaller.

width 20.75"

length 24"

ht. 39"

It's a smart looking seat and very comfortable with lots of bolstering for cornering.





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Well Chris, you will know you like them as far as comfort :)

i would have gladly settled for fabric , manual seats , but these fell in my lap for 300$. They will weigh more than the manuals, but I will just have to add HP to compensate;)

Captain, there are threads somewhere showing fitment in the S30. Earlier cars are better for the reason you stated, as far as width. Height can be a problem if you don't keep mounting bracketry low. I like the high head rests .

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Years ago i saw these in a 240z rallycar.. bought these, they will look great and work very well in my red 240z with black interior.. when my 280 is done i will find time to put then in.. i think....

They are German made KöNIG seats, they make seats for all kind of cars,trucks anything that drives and needs seats!  The with is good, they will fit and most important I fit with my 6 ft 3"  or as we say 1,94 mtr :D

These do have sliders, no sliders means not streetlegal over here!


(Sorry for the dusty picture at that time i just had a new sealing..)

kamer 12-02-2012 009.JPG

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