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What a way to deflate your ego...


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From what I was able to gather, he lifted off the throttle at the top of the hill and the back end came around on him.

Not sure if it's true or not, but someone posted on the one site he was going to send this in to his insurance company since it was not during a "race", he either rented the track himself, or a group of them rented the track just so they dould have some fun.....

Ya gotta give him credit for one thing, at least he was man enough to use the car the way it was intended instead of using it as a "centerpiece" just to get attention.

Kinda like the guy that used to take his Ferrari F-40 to Summit Point years ago and give rides around the track during the lunch breaks with the proceeds of the rides going to charity. The region does that during the Labor Day Double races and have given quite a bit of money to charity by allowing racers to give spectators rides around the track (at reasonable speeds) just to give people a chance to see what racing is all about. The guy with the F-40 used to give the car a bit of a work-out, enough so that they used to have to ask him to slow down.... It was interesting to say the least to be giving someone a ride in my "cheap" old 280 and having a Ferrari F-40 blast by us on the straight and disappear.. :cross-eye

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