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    - 300K + on original engine
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    - 82/83 ZX turbo wheels
    - purchased from 2nd owner Aug 1997
    - crossed US / Mexican border 1998
    - surpassed 200K, Jan 1, 2000
    - Made various trips up to Northern California including, San
    Francisco, Sausalito, Monterey, Big Sur, & Hearst Castle
    - driven from Los Angeles to New Orleans and back, 2003
    - body and paint refreshed back to original color 306, 2006
    - driven through Death Valley, Goldfield, Area 51, Las Vegas,
    Hoover Dam, Williams, Grand Canyon completing tour of
    Southwest, 2007

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  1. Thanks! I'll look into the bumpstops. For the moment I'm only interested in mounts, etc around the shock tower. I was gonna perform the job myself, but I'm opting to have it done at my shop. I don't have the time .
  2. I am about to change the shocks and struts in my 78 with KYBs. What other parts must I consider also changing out when this job is performed? I heard strut mounts might be good for starters. The car has over 300K.
  3. My band Peeling Grey used my Z in our latest video. Enjoy!
  4. I contacted the seller and said no way is he getting 40mpg. He won't even do the math with the numbers he provided . 1979 Datsun 280ZX 2+2
  5. Hello everyone. Ron Wenderoff passed away yesterday at his home with his wife Kay by his side. He was battling cancer for over a year. Some members of Group Z (based in the Los Angeles / Orange County areas) might remember Ron. He was famous for sporting his cowboy hat, handlebar mustache, and showing his passion for Z Cars. Ron was the owner of a modified 73 240Z, and then later a modified 76 280Z. His wife owned a 280ZX turbo, and in later years a 300ZX (Z32). Ron was my high school teacher, and we stayed in touch since I graduated in 1995. He was the reason why I started attending meetings at Fudrucker's, and the annual Motorsport Auto West Coast Nationals, where I have had my 78 280 on exhibit since 1998. Above all he was a good friend and I will misss him. To those that knew him, his funeral is tomorrow (Friday, September 20th) at Mt Sinai, 5950 Forest Lawn Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90068. Services start at 2pm. Please bring your Z if you attend. That is how he would want it. https://www.facebook.com/ron.wenderoff?directed_target_id=0
  6. That's an appendage from the 240. The 240's had storage compartments behind the seats on the rear deck. Yes, quite useless on our 280s .
  7. I am liking this thread. Love the ambition! Watching with interest indeed.
  8. I will be attempting this for the first time relatively soon. I'm a little scared, but I'm up for the challenge. I just replaced my 280Z raditaor and water pump, and have done other fixes on my own.......It cannot be more difficult that replacing the radiator on a Z31 . That is a job I will never ever do again on those cars.
  9. So far I've found the leak at the heater hose mentioned. I'm hoping that's it. It still puzzles me how some of the coolant got on the side rail though.
  10. Thank you! I will look into that.
  11. How's the car coming along?
  12. I just installed the Champion 3 Row Radiator, and a new waterpump recently. All seems fine, but I have been noticing coolant leaking along the chassis' side railing (if you will) on the right side. This is below the spark plugs and the fusible links. Around that area I've seen small drops of coolant on the top of the starter, and even on the side of the battery if you can believe that. I will post pictures if needed.
  13. Z Car Parts.com -- Motorsport Auto -- Home All the info you need is on this site.....
  14. It's a good place to at least get ideas and meet people
  15. The West Coast Nationals is next month. Hope to see you there man.
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