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The Last S30


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Thanks! It seems my S30 wasn't as close to the end of production as I thought. Mine starts with 444, I believe, manufactured in Jan of 78. I think production ceased in June of that same year.

....I wonder if we can track down the last S30. Hmmmm....Maybe worth something?

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I just bought a 1978 280Z on Ebay with a 6/78 bulid date....maybe I have one of the last....gotta check that vin. From what I understand it was a CT car...so at lease I know it isn't a CA car with a smog check.

I'll try to post a picture.

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Not quite what you said - - from the comments that followed Post #7 it still seemed to me that it would be helpful if people knew both the starting number as well as the ending number, along with the starting and ending months of production.

Just wanted to add some information...


Carl B.

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Question: Anyone know the vin# for the very last S30 ever produced?

Are you interested in the last of all, or just the last North American market model?

S31 and GS31 production continued until late July 1978, so there's a good chance that the last of those models might actually be the last S30-series Z produced.

I have no idea how you could discern which was last produced just by going on the highest body serial number........?

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