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  1. Took motor to a Bench with battery. Hooked ground up abs tried pos. One worked with a clicking. That was after I put motor back together. Does that mean motor is done??
  2. So that’s how I would bench test the motor ? Ground it amd apply power to all other wires? Why 6 wires??
  3. i can also check if i undid the intermittent relay by passenger foot area.... and can i bench test the motor by putting power and ground to it?
  4. i do have power at the wiper plug... just the blue red i think... the one that has the power going there all the time.. my question is should i see power at any other wires at the plug ? or are all the others grounds?
  5. I’m no expert. I do have a multi meter. Do I put pos to pos and check the grounds on plug? Look for what reading ??
  6. does the wiper switch ground the wiper motor? so when i test it i should hook my test light up to the + on the battery and see if certain grounds will complete the cicuit in the wiper plug??? previously i was thinking i would see power on the wiper plug --
  7. I have a 260. 6 wire plug. Not a five wire like the 240. Is the 260z six wire plug the same as a 280 wiper plug?
  8. id like to just do the honda motor swap but i am having a hard time finding instructions on a 6 wire swap.. all 240s are 5 wires and i have a 6 wire 260 plug.. any ideas.. and do i have to disconect the relay for intermitent?
  9. Fuse is ok. Apparently other wires on plug are grounds. So I need to hook + up to those holes with test light to see what’s going on. I thought all those wires would be hot.
  10. what is this red blue???? used to have power all the time and now not...
  11. No power at switch. I did always have power at switch. Are you talking here. ?? I always had power on red blue. But no power there now.
  12. Ok. I do have a volt meter. You want me to see volts in wiper plug? When on? Off? Med hi?
  13. only power to blue red.... no other power on wiper plug with car on and switch on med low and hi ... power will not show anywhere else on plug.. is it even possilble to test for power on that wiper plug by using a test light??
  14. can wiper wiper switch wear out?? so there is no power coming from it?? i used to always have live power on one of those 4 wires soldered on to the side if stem above key area.... now nothing,,
  15. yes.. i getting the honda motor over next few days... i just want to make sure my power is ok - if i have power to blue red with key on i get power to wiper motor..but do i need to see power at switch? how can it die from motor to switch? also - is there a way to test the other sppeds? are those wires in the wiper plug? if i turn to high speed should i see power on anther wire at the wiper plug?
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