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  1. it wont work unless head lights are on. once headlights are tuned on the rear defrost will work. any idea where to look?? any idea what may cause this?? help!
  2. FYI. I sent some money down to Cali. Via PayPal. The guy has not set it yet as he works from 7am to 5pm 6 days a week. Will he send it?? I hope so. He says it may take him a while before he can send it. It would take me like 5 mins to walk to post office and send. Will I ever get it ?? I hope so !!
  3. Have not needed one yet as I can’t even get wheel locks off. Once I get locks off i will get rest of tools to take other lugs off? will my 19v impact do it?
  4. I will use that one and hammer it on good. 00011100001111 0000111111009101 00000211112000111 Close enough - it will stick and turn the bolt. !!! You think they made thousands of moulds for every lug nut??? That would be insane. That’s the mr mageeee!! let’s take bets.
  5. he showed me a photo... its the gorilla key for the exact lock..... im thinking it will work
  6. Haaaa. I wish it was that easy. Mine are more like a key fit. I found a guy in dpan that actually has the exact gorilla key I need abs he has a spare. Hoping he will sell and ship to me🙏🙏🙏
  7. Good model. That’s pretty much what I need. Easiest way is to get the key. After that what is that? A huge socket I grinder slots into? One mistake and new socket.
  8. The splines don’t do all the way down the bolt. It’s more of a key fit then a spline fit.
  9. Thanks jeff... i have called Gorilla and sent them a photo - they will check if its theirs..... if it is - i will get a key - hopefully its the one!!!!
  10. I’d Grind a groove in it but I can’t even fit a grinder in there. Would a dremel work ?
  11. Do what with chisel? Cut a groove on top of nut and put chisel and hammer to try and spin it??
  12. Here 65083210319__F766BAB6-3F2E-4124-A326-11A5245DA33F.MOV
  13. It’s a 9 spline. I do not have a welder. It’s not a full spline down the whole length of long lug. It’s smooth like a cone most of the way then tiny grooves at the bottom. I have hammered a socket on there so bloody hard. Then tried to hammer the socket wrench. It keeps slipping off as it’s on a smooth lug. I will try to dremsl flat sides on the end to get an open ended wrench on. I would just like to find the bloody key. Not on Amazon or eBay or even in the 16 part key set.
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