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  1. Thanks to @Zed Head for the idea of just cleaning up the body work for the time being. I spent the past couple days getting all the surface rust off the car. I originally thought that the paint faded to the ugly brown, but there was a nice surprise hiding underneath! I started off using a scotch pad and water. Then stepped up to some light CLR mix for the rust spots: As I went through, my process changed and I didnt like the look of the bare metal (where the CLR took off the rust). So I went back to just water and scotch pad. I had to remind myself that we arent preparing f
  2. Finally got some new photos! The painting of the engine bay went smooth. It’s nothing permanent, but at least it will all be one color now 🙂
  3. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=1101766&cc=1209204&pt=5220&jsn=126 Looks to be Tri-Metal!
  4. I was able to find mains and rod bearings in stock at rockauto. Standard size, Clevite, for both. Rungs are by Hastings. Anything I should run away from?
  5. Dang thats brutal! What is the reasoning for the oversize? I planned on going with factory specs
  6. That would be a joy. Even to keep it at like 90 degrees would make it so much nicer. This passed week I finally was able to get around to dropping the block at the machine shop. Deck, Hone, and Clean. In the mean time I sprayed the engine bay satin black (Please dont hate me!). I'll have to grab some photos once everything is cleaned up. I am more and more tempted to do a light sand and clear coat the patina look for the time being. I dont see myself being able to give the car a full paint job anytime soon so I may as well embrace it. Do people usually clear with a matte/satin or is glos
  7. Dang, my Z is still apart or I would gladly pull fuses. If you need any reference photos, I can take some for you.
  8. Been slowly making more progress. the crank is fully out and the journals look surprisingly well in comparison to the rod bearings. I was worried for a bit...Next step is to drop the block off at a machine shop for a thorough cleaning. Unfortunately I will be out of town for the next month for summer so the build is on pause for now. AZ summers dont make it fun to work in the garage! It was 117 out yesterday
  9. Someone was definitely in the front and top. But the bottom looked fresh from any marks.
  10. Surprisingly well in comparison to the rod bearings. I haven’t undone the main caps yet though. there is a very slight score in one of the journals but I’m optimistic it came be polished out.
  11. Got the bottom end all torn apart. Someone LOVES red RTV...Bearings are not looking hot. Going to definitely replace them.
  12. Big milestone for me today! My first engine removal. Took about 2 hours solo. Zero issues along the way which was awesome. No seized bolts, no rounded bolts, nothing broke! I ended up using two water pump bolts for the front as I didnt have a short enough bolt for the head bolt holes. I cant wait to start cleaning this up and refreshing. Check out the spider nest in the bell housing 😨
  13. Oh DUH. I don’t know why that never crossed my mind. Thank you!
  14. Bought a bunch o parts from Zcardepot to get the engine refresh going. They should arrive today. Also picked up an engine stand, hoist, and leveler. Preparing to pull the block tomorrow and trying to decide where to hook up the chains as my head is already off. I plan to use the driver side bell housing bolt then unsure for the front passenger side. Any recommendations since my head is already removed?
  15. Thanks for the kind words @siteunseen & @EuroDat!! I noticed the difference in valves too, but not until I left. I may give him a ring on monday to see why he chose those. I know it was $10 per valve so its not like I much overall. Maybe he had them in stock already. I dont believe he used bronze seats. If I recall correctly, the old bronze seats fell out when he was doing the cleaning? I probably took that as "replacing the bronze seats with new bronze seats". But they all definitely look uniform throughout now. The receipt says "SBI SEATS" as parts and "6 INTAKE SEATS" as labor
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