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  1. So once it's up, where do I put the jack stands. Assuming Im going to be working on the front suspension or rear diff?
  2. http://www.racer.com/at-home-with-mr-z/article/160823/
  3. add me to the list, i'll pick up a money order on the way home and get it out to you ASAP. Thanks!
  4. Q #1: Pertonix, wasn't that the oil company from the 80's re-make of King King? Q #2: If I put the Pertonix in my '70 Z, will it survive the EMP from a nuke? Some how I've allways taken pride in the fact that I will be driving away from armageddon in 2012.
  5. Hey, im not bashing anyone's car. They all look better then mine. Ron's car is clearly a "replica" of a BRE race car, and is 10,000x nicer then mine will ever be. The car on this thread looks like a "tribute" car to me. Tribute: : something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved ; especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection To me, that car showed "respect" to the original. So when folks start dropping the "Im not calling the guy a liar" line, they had better be ready to back it up with some facts. So what if it doesn't meet one guys standards
  6. I didn't realize "driver" was a dirty word. I've found this website to be a great place for information, and tips on my 240Z. Carl, Arne, and a bunch of other folks have really helped me out. The one thing I don't like about it is that when ever somebody post a pic or link of a car for sale folks come out of the woodwork and bash it. The car from Reno we talked about last week is a classic example, maybe he was asking for too much, maybe he wasn't. Now this car shows up, and is it worth $19.5? I dunno, but it looks damm good to me. Maybe if you show up with 16K in cash he'll bite. I DO
  7. Having just looked at pics of your car in your gallery, I now read this as... "He worked at the dealership so he got to park his car out front and I didn't! My car is better, his is a phony" So what part of the Craigslist post is "a stretch"? Are you saying he dosn't have the orig documents? The stock motor wasn't rebuilt? It dosn't have upgraded brakes? "This 1972 Datsun 240Z was purchased from the orig owner and has ALL orig documents, incl window sticker. It was fully restored by a Nissan Body Shop into the exact style of the famous BRE racing Datsun's of the early 70's. Stock rebuilt
  8. The car looks a whole lot better then Al "Datsun Parts" $16,000.00 EBay scam car. Looks better then mine. Since I bought my car, I've seen original Zs listed for as much as $30,000.00 on EBay. Im not really certain what makes one more valuable then another. Anyone care to enlighten me?
  9. Next step: Come finish my car
  10. Yeah, I got into a early bidding war on that one. But im waiting till the last sec, then im gonna up my bid and WIN! :laugh:
  11. Im bidding on it. But im paying for it with "certified" checks from Nigeria
  12. If I didn't own my Z? I'd still own my Suzuki DRZ-400SM or maybe I'd get another Triumph Thruxton Or wait, is the question "if I could any car ever made in the world, what would I own"?
  13. Hmm.. but this thread was started by oskidunker1. Is he just a sock monkey for xcyterx?
  14. Im guessing that the real mileage is 136,000. Other then that it looks good! The question is how much will it go for? $3,550 and reserve not met.
  15. THANKS! I see MSA offers "remanufactured" calipers for $60, with a $75 core exchange. Is this a good route to go?
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