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  1. Hi Folks, i'm finally back on my 73 Z resto after a year off replacing the roof on my house and a complete paint job last summer. (developed a leak and one thing led to another). I've decided to do all the cutting and welding myself so I bought a Lincoln mig welder and have done alot of practicing and I'm ready to get after it. My question is about the panel behind the doglegs that sandwiches behind the rocker panel end and the dogleg. Right side was completely gone and left side is mostly there but i need to trim off some of it. Does anyone sell the panel or do I have to make one myself? I have the doglegs and rockers from tabco, just wondering about this other panel, i know I have to put something back in there. Thanks.
  2. I bought my floors,rockers and doglegs from Tabco also. Hope to have them installed this year. They are not flimsy reproductions. High Quality in my opinion.
  3. Battery trays' come up all the time on Ebay. For your metal parts contact Charlie Osbourne at Zedd Findings.
  4. Good advice coming through this thread. Judging by the comments I think I will stick with the rubber bushings when I get to the suspension rebuild. Our roads here in Ma. are horrible, plus I'll only be doing summer driving. Does anyone out there offer a complete rubber suspension set? Mike
  5. Looks good E. Did you do that yourself or hire someone?I am thinking about trying that out for my next step. I have taken the heavy stuff off with alot of elbow grease and I was going to blast it next with glass bead. Do you prefer the soda? I have read there is a special bath you have to do before paint. Mike
  6. Welcome to the club Squeeks, nice present!! Are you in Spangdahlem by any chance? My son was there for a couple years around 2001. Your car looks exactly like my first Z in 1977.... Mike
  7. Keep an eye on ebay, they show up now and then. I bought a donor section last fall, mint codition with plenty of overlapping area all around. I think I paid $80., but I figured it was cheaper than paying someone to fabricate one since I don't weld. Mike
  8. If you look closely at the ZTherapy website it says "call to order, we do not offer online ordering" Call Bruce, you'll be glad you did.
  9. Talk to Eiji at Datsun Spirit, he has engine bolt kits in the yellow zinc coating, I bought a set last year, like you said, they really dress up the engine.
  10. Order the carb video from Bruce at ZTherapy, best minor investment you can make. Mike
  11. I don't remember the last time I passed a Z on the road.................
  12. I'll take you up on your offer Arne, could you put tibZ down in Gloucester, Mass. (In one of the quarries?)
  13. My last car, 69 Mustang, 351W 4 speed
  14. Has anyone seen this sellers list of NOS parts? Very pricey but you don't see many of these parts around anywhere.... http://motors.shop.ebay.com/merchant/rj77777?_rdc=1
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