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  1. atleast someone is with me on this...
  2. when ever i decide to pull mine out, an aluminum one is going back in with all new guages and switches!
  3. I filled mine up with regular yesterday, it was almost empty, i think my tank is 14gal. or something and i put 13 in it. It cost 38.50. It was 2.94 per gallon, that is the cheapest i could find here in oregon. I drive well over 100 miles per day, usually about 20+ dollars a day just from home to school and back.
  4. CRrider1988


    I have herd that but i also plan on putting pretty thick padding around it. I had a toyota 4x4 truck that i had a full cage in and i had good padding on it but hit my head on it a few times four wheeling and i weas just fine. thye were really hard hits, from slamming into trees and what not (also had an exo-cage). Thanks for the advice but i am aware of that.
  5. hahaha, ok well maybe a Z is not for 200. I have no idea where i would try it at. Just something i really want to do. I have seen videos of a 911 GT2 i think it was going 205MPH. I know it is far fetched and will not happen anytime soon but just one of my goals. How fast would a Z go with some really good suspension, gearing and about 450HP?
  6. CRrider1988


    It actually is a street car. I do want windows but was thinking about plexi glass. I plan to race it this summer. I have no need for comfort in the car so that is why i want a full out cage. My dad said i have to have some kind of cage to race or he wont let me so i figure ill go all out.
  7. i frequintly take mine to about 115 on the freeway, there is one area that is perfect for it around here. the fastest ive done is 135 and i was gaining speed still (slowly) but i backed off. i love going fast. i really hate it when peopel on here get on other people about their driving, its their choice...
  8. i drive mine 80 miles to school every morning then, 80 miles back home (girlfriends). I love it, just sucks without a heater.
  9. CRrider1988


    that is crazy, my 75 280 is doing hte same thing. driving in the cold is not fun now. i almost wreaked mine too. i drive 75 miles every morning in 35 degree weather. so what is the prob.?
  10. CRrider1988


    I want to put a full rollcage in my 280Z. where should i get one? i found a guy that will build me one and ship it to me then i weld it which isnt a problem, for 360. that is a 6 point with 3 door bars on each side, dash bar, and harness bar. im taking my dash out when i do it and im making an aluminum one. what do i do about window roller uppers? they will hit wont they?
  11. Ok, call me crazy but one of my goals in life is to own a car that will atleast go 200 MPH by the time im 30, im 17 now. I've herd you can make a Z go 200 for not a whole lot of money, what does that intail? also what do you guys think is the most reasonabl priced car that will do it? What will an old ferrari do? or a old 911 turbo. I really want to go 200. That was the goal when i bought my Z, 200+. Am i crazy guys?
  12. It sucks when it happens. Luckly, i found a 5-speed from a wreaking yard for $150 with a 6-month warrenty. It is said to be out of a 78 datsun pick-up but it is exactly the same (atleast on the outside) as the Z car tranny. I hope to put it in this week. I have to drive my dads hidious work van for now which is horrable. My Z is my daily driver.
  13. Thanks for the advice. Since it is my daily driver i think im going to buy a good used for now and maybe fix the other as a spare.
  14. Well yesterday i was kinda showing off in my 75 280Z with a 4-speed in it. Now, it dosnt have much of a tranny left. I took off from a light at a good rate of speed and went to shift into second but it made a pop noise and didnt move anymore. There were cars behind me so i tried putting it in 1st and the same thing happen, it was just like neutral. As i rolled to the side of the road i put it in 3rd and it was fine. I drove about 3 miles in 3rd and 4th but then they went out too. how it sits, the stick will move into 1 and 2 but wont go into 3 or 4 and reverse works great. Now im looking for a tranny. what is the deal with putting a 5-speed in it? what tranny will interchange with my 4-speed? i found a 77 4-speed i think im going to throw in right now. its like $150. What should i do?
  15. CRrider1988


    i need to put some struts and springs in my 280 like saturday or sunday. would anyone be up to help. ill pay what i can and take care of lunch (taco bell or subway or something). i have my dads truck repair shop to do it in with all the tools and everything. let me know if you can help please and i will give you my number. my shop is in hillsboro, OR. thanks.
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