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Correct air freshener for series 1?


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Don't tell me you haven't seen the 1984 cult classic "Repo Man"? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repo_Man_(1984_film)

Car deodorisers shaped like evergreen trees are placed in most cars. These items were one of the few sponsored items (along with Ralph's generic goods above) in this movie and hundreds of these deodorisers were donated to the filmmakers for this movie. It is mentioned in the DVD commentary track that these air fresheners were actually unscented, and it is suggested that they were only given to the film because they were defective (and thus, unsellable). Miller, the mechanic-philosopher, also noted the pervasive presence of the scented pine tree deodorisers in repossessed cars, telling Otto, "You'll find one in every car. You'll see." Later in the film, one even appears on a policeman's motorcycle. They can also be seen hanging from the ceiling in the scene at Miller's house.


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I think the correct air freshener was the one shaped like a gas pump for the smell of raw gas or the one shaped like a muffler for that wonderful exhaust aroma. LOL

Bonzi Lon

Kind of like the scratch-n-sniffs when I was a kid, they had ones that smelled like gas. I have become accustomed to the exhaust smell, though.


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In order to be period correct, the Series 1 S30 must be equipped with a bottle of the now defunct fragrance Hai Karate, unless you are the second owner and then you would be stocking Jovan Musk... The Christmas Tree Freshener hanging from your hood release would have long ago quit smelling of anything...

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Wait, are you saying I need to move the pine tree from the rear view mirror to the hood release? Do I hang anything from the rear view?

I hate to ask, but what sunglasses should I wear? :cool: Currently Im rocking the mirrored aviators, but since I've been wrong about so many other things...

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