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    minty 1975 280z. Just been doing regular maintenance and repairs. 99% stock

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  1. It’s a 75 280z. Was quoted a pretty high amount for a rebuild from a shop, decided because I found the copper in my oil before I had knock, all I would need to do is replace the rod bearings, and would save my self a load of money. Haven’t done real engine work like this before but looking at videos of people doing it made it seem pretty doable. Don’t know if I’ll be able to pull the engine though, because my dad insisted that I didn’t pull it in his garage. We will see though. Thank you guys!
  2. Trying to drop oil pan to replace rod bearings. Figured that if that wasn’t something as integral as the oil pump, then it would be easier than having to take off the cross member. And yea things not being done right are a common theme on this car lmao. At least the body is straight.
  3. I’m trying to drop my oil pan and this is in the way I think. Is it a coolant drain? How would I go about taking it off? Thanks!
  4. Honestly I don't really burn any oil, it may be cause i don't hit highway speeds often or anything, but i've never checked my dipstick and it said anything below full. But yea this is my current plan, it doesn't have any misfiring but I'm still planning on doing a compression test. My reasoning for not changing the oil was that I hadn't hit 3000 miles on the cycle yet, but it had been sitting on and off for a year cause I had a series of electrical issues. But thank all you guys for your advice.
  5. Car has a N42 Fuel injected L28 with around 136000 miles on it. It was the previous owners first car in highschool, and he bought it from some guy in nevada. I'm assuming he kinda beated on it in HS because there was a lot of shitty electrical work done to it when I got it. Car had some tick but I know these are pretty noisy engines so i never really worried about it too much.
  6. Hi, first time poster here, I found copper flakes in my oil last week, despite having no rod knock. Car seemed to be running fine when I did the oil change. I was wondering if because I found out my bearing was going bad before it had "spun", should I try and attempt to just replace the bearing, whether it was main or rod, and move on? or should I just be looking for a new engine entirely. I took it to a shop for them to look it, and they quoted me at like 6500 at the high-end for repairs. I'm assuming that that's if the damage is extremely bad and pistons/block need to be resurfaced? I don't know where to go from here, so any advice is welcome. Thank you!
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