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Found 3 results

  1. I am getting ready to start using the Copy-Cad system from Caswell. I have been on the Caswell plating forum for help getting the process lined out but their forum seems to be rarely used and many threads have no responses. I have also read through all the threads I found on the forum, I thought this thread could sort of be used to combine the working knowledge of the experienced platers (ajmcforester, motorman7, nix240z and any others) on here and I would add in where I could and my experiences as I go along. I spent a day with Steve (nix240z) with him showing me his process a couple of years ago and I am finally getting around to doing this. I have acquired the power supply and the chemicals came in this week. Some of my bigger questions are: How do you clean dirty hardware? Soak in solvents? Parts cleaner? Carb cleaner? How to you strip rust? Bead blaster? Acid? Vibrating polisher? Do you pickle or acid was to neutralize remainder of rust? Are you baking hardware for hydrogen embrittlement? Thanks, I look forward to some expert direction Charles
  2. Hi ladies and gents. I'm restoring an early 01/70 240z here... looking to restore the original finish on some of the parts and fasteners, etc. Since it's close to a "paint" related question, i'm posting it here, but feel free to move it if incorrectly categorized! The photos I have of the tear down are not detailed enough. I'm looking for some of the following things: brake lines and brake line bracket coatings (cad, yellow zinc, silver, dark green?)rear brake drums coatings (black, natural finish, clear coat?)rear differential coatings (all black? black housing, aluminum coloured cover plate with clear?)hood latch and door striker coatings (cad, yellow zinc, silver???)essentially, i'm looking to find, or refinish the items I have in their original finishthe car is essentially a shell, restored to original paint color, very well done. and now all the parts are on the floor and I've got to sort through them and refinish what needs refinishing and send out what can't be done here. is this the right place to post this? if not, can someone please steer me in the right direction? if there are any historians that have access to some photos of certain items, I would love to speak to them, and compensate them for their time. Thank you!
  3. Has anyone had any good results replating or otherwise restoring peeling chrome plating on interior door panel plastic trim strips?
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