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  1. When my original speaker disintegrated a few years ago, I had already installed a reversed original bracket with speaker on the right side and just connected a wire across. It sounded fine for the weak radio. I bought a pair of new oem sized speakers from either Autozone or Walmart, don't recall, for about $15, I believe 10w. They were the next level up from their cheapest ones. They sound better than you would expect from the orig radio and fit right in the bracket, no mods.
  2. When I picked up my 73 ten years ago, it came with the original size and dry rotted 175/HR-14. I replaced the tires and wheels with some used ones off of a wrecked 82 280zx. They were the std. 14x 6 wheels with the std. 225/60HR-14. I replaced those tires 3 years ago with Sumitomo 225/60HR-14 and they fit perfectly and ride and handle very nice. I would recommend that size or 215/60-14 and you'll be fine. Anything else is not as tall as the original size. I did a lot of research to determine this. The 60 series width looks great.
  3. In Washington state. Chech the zcar.com site, they are a sponsor
  4. Danny's Datsuns probably has them
  5. Bought my 73 from the original owner in 7/98 with 62k on it. Don't use it much, only 69k. Considering selling it.
  6. I had a terriible time finding tires on for 73, too. I wanted Japanese tires on my Z. I picked up Tire Rack's last Sumitomo HTR-4s last year 225-60-14 H rated. They found them in a hidden corner of their warehouse. They had not been advertised for 6 months and were discontinued. Be persistent. I'm happy with the tires. I didn't want BFGs. Good luck
  7. My first car was a hand-me-down from my dad, a '69 Olds Delta 88 4 dr sedan, dark jade green with light jade green vinyl seats. Got it in 74 with maybe 50k miles. my parents knew very little about cars and when they bought it new in early 69, I noticed it had the Rocket 455 in it. I must have smiled about that til I sold it in 77 for $400 with only 77k on it. Body was rough. Car had more torque then you would imagine and won many street drags. Beat a Cuda 340 with 3 or 4 other guys in my car. Ran on regular gas and got decent mileage, too. Once clocked the MPG at 20 going to school in western Pennsylvania (Punxsitauny) averaging 80 mph. Since that was my "driver" I picked up a 64 T-Bird convertible in 75 for fun. Paid 1300 and sold it 2 years later for 1700. now worth about 30K. Oh well. Have probably owned abut 30 cars though very few were much fun except an 82 Fiat Spider bought new and an 87 Supra. Can't touch my FX.
  8. Congrats on your new Z. I like the car
  9. Can't be orig. seat covers, there were no cloth options, or any other options for seats available.
  10. Must be silver in that car in CO.
  11. $99 at Autozone for a technalon, 4 ply cover. I use it in chicago winters. Z stays dry and clean.
  12. use the plugs you have been using and buy an extension foul preventer for the bad cylinder's plug. they should have those at your parts store. i've been told they work pretty well.
  13. what if it got a parking ticket and they tryed to tow it? the guy would have a melt-down. Sorry
  14. Several options: Buy a new one from Midwest Z, Chloe said she has them; try your luck finding a used one (that works) on this sight or EBay; Chloe mentioned to me that an early Honda pump of the same style clips on to the washer, for much less money. You will have to switch one of the wires, which is opposite than the Datsun one. Good luck.
  15. Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I'd buy a G35 coupe all day( Japanese Market Skyline) before I'd go near a Z. More comfort, room, and better dealer service.
  17. jeffs73z


    Cool mirror, huh. That's at the Bellagio, in Vegas
  18. Try Chloe@ www.Midwestz.com. She has good prices and is great to work with.
  19. by the way, if ALL MET RED means all metal redone, doesnt that mean he has stripped the car and restored all the metal, or does it mean he had a serious rust problem. I figure if all the metal is redone, then that would be a great thing and that would be the best answer. tell me what you think. Could be metallic red paint, no?
  20. I would also look for rust behind the battery hold on the fire wall. If the floors were done, were the frame rails, rocker panels, fenders, lower rear quarter panels? These are the "main" rust prone areas, but not all.
  21. What seals did the factory auth. restorers use? Did they work?
  22. It probably means your handbrake cable was rusted, frozen, ceased, etc. The quick fix is to cut it at the rear wheels. That's what was done to mine. A better fix is to replace the cable, about $90 from Nissan plus several hours labor. I had that done, too.
  23. As mentioned above, fuel filters and pump are a good place to look. Also, make sure the little SU hoses beneath the carbs aren't cracked and leaking. I had that problem. You must use Nissan SU hoses from dealer (about $15). For $950, I bet your carbs still need a rebuild among other engine things. Don't be angry at these messengers, most have been there, done that. If you got a relatively rust free chassis and a Z that runs at all for $950, you got a great deal!
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