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  1. hell has frozen over, Vicky bought a V8 Z!!!
  2. My father has a Kentworth t600 with 1.8 million miles on the original motor.
  3. Hi guys, havent posted in awhile, been busy workin on my Z and school etc etc. Anyways I finally got her painted! Turned out quite well except for the doors. The doors looked great in primer, but once the paint got on them it told the tale, it looks like they were warped when sandblasted. Anyways I did a search and I know 240 doors on a 280 will not work without alot of mod. Anyways my friend has a set of doors off of an early 260, would these work on my 280z, production date is 7/76 for my 280. He said his 260 doors were very heavy, heavier than his 240's doors. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. PyroSparks911

    No caption

    if it was a 240 why would they move the signals to the grill
  5. "Dude, your face would blow off. Plus aeroplanes haven't come with targa tops in years. Vicky" Vicky, when he said the targa top was out, he meant in the Ferrari, not in the airplane. Read it again
  6. Please take it away, my eyes are bleeding. You can rice up that neon but not the Z.
  7. The color looks pink in that light. And I am gonna go on a limb here and say I dont like the spoiler, chromed out hood vents, nor the wheels. But everything else is very nice.
  8. Walter, yes you can get a 240 windshield replaced professionally! It cost my friend $100 to get a new windshield and have it put in by a local place.
  9. spend $20 and pay someone to remove it, most businesses that do it are cheap just to pull a windshiled, cost me $40 to get hatch, windshield and quarters pulled.
  10. Like the wheels, you have started with something alot nicer than I did!
  11. His story goes like "I bought the car from a friend whose friend's dad's brother's sister's mother in law used to own it. She was real honest and told me she got it from her sister's cousin's aunt's grandma. And they all said the mileage was correct, I promise."
  12. Cozy, I was looking at the dyno you posted, and dont take this the wrong way, shouldnt that mean motor with all the mods you just listed lay down some more power? Or is it because you have the boost on the supercharge low? The l28et can produce about the same power with alot less money in it, I just assumed after lookin at those mods you have you would have 400+ But 325 or however much it was is plenty!
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