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    Owned a 73 240Z HLS30125656 and restored it in high school/college. Sold it for the $$$. Missed the damn thing ever since. Now I've got a 72 240Z HLS3082152 and began playing with her.

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  1. I was thinking stock. Would it be a large pain in the @$$ to go .030 over?
  2. Looks like a designated driver to me!
  3. Yikes! No real input on how to fix it, but yikes! Hey there is a really old, really good restaurant in Decatur Alabama, really good expensive food right off main street. I used to go there when I worked at Regions. It's also the home of Big Bob Gibson's BBQ. Ever make it over?
  4. No help here. Did it myself with the Tahoe and a rented trailer.
  5. Doing a little fishing here guys (sorry, no disrespect meant there Darby), but I was toying around with the idea of replacing the rings on my 72 L24. My neighbor claims that when I started her the other day he saw blue smoke. On subsequent starts I have had others watch and no such smoke has appeared. Long and short of it, if I'm going to go through the trouble of replacing the rings, I might as well upgrade the pistons. Soooo, I would like opinions on what to replace the stock ones with. Thanks in advance, happy Z'ing everyone!
  6. Zedyone is correct. The 6-1 is higher and the 3-2 is for lower and mid range.
  7. UPDATE: Took 2nd at the SPC Downing Show. Some of the staff came to me afterward and said that the judging wasn't really fair because they didn't have the classes correct. They said that my Z's votes were broken up into 3 different categories. So I should have won. They only thing that bothered me was that a 2007 Shelby Mustang GT won. As a good friend of mine says; "any idiot can write a check and drive a car off of a lot!"
  8. Some tweaking here and there, but the wires were so pretty, I didn't want to hide them. Yeah, I'm a dumbass. Did I mention, I'm a banker, not an engineer? I'm headed to Mooresville Indiana Saturday for a benefit car show for the SPC Stephen P Downing II Memorial Car Show. He was killed in Iraq. The show is to benefit his family. Thought it'd be a good debut for the old girl.
  9. In a word, "yes". When in Rome... That is some scary chit P. I have a hard enough time trying to eat my cheeseburger, drink my Moosehead and adjust the stereo at highway (and above) speeds, let alone deal with emergencies!
  10. They are beautiful. In fact I mounted them facing out from the firewall so everybody could see them! If you haven't done so guys, $80.00 is a bargain for battery cables, hop on!
  11. One day later and the trash would have been gone!
  12. As some of you know, I posted in the help section, "WTF did I do"?" http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30498 Dave, (Zs-ondabrain) who so kindly built my my electrical upgrade pointed out that I only checked the 30amp connection and forgot the 15. 15? Where TF was the 15? He suggested that I trace the wiring from the firewall and look for the other fuse. There was no other fuse. By this time, I was pissed and being in that frame of mind wasn't going to help me. So after about an hour and a half tracing wires I went to bed. I was so mad about this, I got up at 3:23am to s
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