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  1. Greetings Drivers, Here's the latest NCDA track news and information. Please note that we just added a track opportunity for you at Thunderhill in exactly 6 weeks, so check it out and sign-up before it sells out! We'll see you in the paddock! ***************************************** NEW!! Relevant info and website here: http://ncda.lazypenguin.net/events.html The best thing about this event is the price - $150 and a discount for a 2nd Driver if you're sharing a car with someone! Some clubs are really gouging drivers at Track events these days because of supply and demand. Fortunately fo
  2. Ok. a very long time ago. there was someone on the forum. i cant recall the user. but he was workin on a wide body kit that he was makin with carbon kevelar. and he had some stock r33 skyline wheels widen'd for his Z. Tryin to either find the guy or See if anyone know of any shops that will widen aluminum wheels as big as 19inches.
  3. apply to any metal to metal contacts between the pad and calliper. jus make sure u keep it off the pad surface. It helps with pad noise and squeel.
  4. z_boi


    that would be a ka24-e. the sohc motor. from a 240sx.
  5. I think i remember a thread about this a while back. seems to be a common problem with the Z's. whats the exact cause(s) of the smells. What did you guys do to fix/get rid of the problem?
  6. yep, the 90 on up accords and 92-96 preludes had 4x114.3 pattern
  7. i dont even know the actual milage on my motor. Its prolly well over 100k, and yes, the a/f was done with a probe in the exhaust.
  8. its 170 at 5200rpm at the crank. but remember! this was GROSS HP. no belts, no water pump or anything. In a controled climate room under perfect conditions. thats cheating!!! hahah. but yeah, i dyno'd on dynapack, they dont calculate power the same way dynojects do. It also seems that dynapacks Numbers are lower than dynojets also. It supposed to be more accurate and is very good to tune ur car on.
  9. i was running too rich...Washing the cylinder walls. He's a very good tuner. I trust him.
  10. wat u guys think? anyone noe what the baseline on a stock 280z @ the wheels is? dyno2.bmp
  11. anyone have any ideas or have done a baseline on thier 280z's or L28's with stock efi?
  12. hahaha....my bad guys....i meant fuel pressure. Im running EFI. Stock with a rising rate adjustable regulator. NO TURBO..but i wish i had one. 46psi of boost is insane!!! hahaha
  13. I'll try to have my friend scan my result sheet and get the pics from him then i'll post it. guess i'll make a new thread when i get the pics and sheet scanned
  14. So i dyno'd today and my best run was 147hp@5459rpm and 151ft/lb@4524rpm with 46psi @ WOT then my friend who owns the shop, who is also a really good tuner, Told me that i should lower my fuel pressure and im currently running 24psi @ idle and 34psi @ WOT. That got me 144.2hp@5347rpm and 148.6@5082rpm My setup: 60mm tb, stock EFI, Crane XR3000 ignition with a PS91 coil, MSA 6-1 header, k&n cone filter, 2.5in straight pipe through a magnaflow 2.5in turbo muffler, stock 3.54 diff, early 5 spd and timing @ 12 degrees BTDC I was also told that i should advance my time few more degrees. I plan
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