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  1. 240Znomad

    Restoration of my 72 240Z

    Jaymanbikes, for your exhaust upgrade, it looks like you've got a stock exhaust manifold. Is that an E30? I'm looking to replace my current old exhaust (header has holes) and was looking at replacing it using a stock exhaust manifold and new exhaust system from MSA as well. Did you use the MSA Premium Exhaust System (for stock manifold)? If so, any tips or advice you have would be greatly appreciated. That OE yellow plating looks great, what shop did you use? I've got some parts that I would love to get re-plated.
  2. 240Znomad

    Lash pad fell off top of valve spring

    I removed the valve cover again and double checked the valve and everything looks fine. I'm not sure why it looks so strange in the picture, I'm guessing the camera zoom may be "distorting" it in some way. Diseaszd, before putting the lash pad and rocker back in place, I checked that both keepers were in place so I'm ok there. I'm interested in the tank liner issue as well (as jonathanrussell just posted) as I did have the tank cleaned and relined last year and the valve in question was in intake. Any more information on that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all the replies, these Z forums are just a wealth of knowledge and a great help when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing these old Z cars.
  3. 240Znomad

    Lash pad fell off top of valve spring

    When I was putting the lash pad back on I didn't notice anything strange but I agree when looking at that picture it doesn't look right. I'm going to take the valve cover back off tomorrow and have another look at it!
  4. 240Znomad

    Lash pad fell off top of valve spring

    A lash pad came off on my '71 240Z today. I had never heard of that happening so I searched and found this thread. Valve adjustment nuts were tight and valves were adjusted a few months ago so I'm not sure why it came off. Fortunately, it happened in the garage while I was working on it (trying to get the float height set correctly) so I was able to shut it down quickly, pull the valve cover and locate the problem. Thankfully the lash pad was just sitting there right next to the valve it came off.

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