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  1. Is there a Boston z club Facebook page or anything? I cant type of datsun group from the Boston area I'd love if someone could point me in the right direction
  2. I've heard nothing but bad things this way. My uncle is an auto body tech has been for years hes going to help me get it in or out but I figured I'd ask people who have done it to my car specifically
  3. Looking for any tips/tricks to replacing the windshield rubber on my 71 240z. I have the FSM but was wondering if anyone who had actually done this repair had any tips or suggestions to help me out before I start
  4. I know the Clevis pin is good replaced it same time as I did the MC that being said i did not check the pedal itself I'll take a peak up there tomorrow ty
  5. Tbh I have no idea i bought the car out of Seattle and the guy I bought it off of seemed like he never did any of his own work so i believe it was the owner before him that wouldve done any of it and I'm not able to contact them... side note dont let appendicitis keep you from being happy.
  6. Ya mc is adjusted correctly already and theres proper clearance at the slave. I think I'm gunna replace the clutch itself and see where that gets me
  7. Ok thanks I'll try this later on when the sun goes down a bit! If there is alot of travel in the pedal before I start to feel resistance should I adjust until the point of no play?? If theres already no play should I still try adjusting?
  8. No I havent tried that yet but I get a good pedal so I'm not sure if that would be the issue. Also I dont want to adjust it and then have to figure out how to get it back to where it is if that isnt the issue The master cylinder that I replaced looked to be original and I set the new one to the exact same length so I'm kinda thinking that wouldnt be the problem as much as the clutch itself
  9. That was going to be my next question after I did some googling lol thanks!
  10. No I'm unaware if it has been replaced. I'm thinking that the problem is my clutch itself after talking to some friends. I think I'm going to order a clutch kit and see where that take me but what could be the other causes you speak of
  11. I just purchased the vehicle it has always done it in my case but I dont know for how long. A friend recommended a test I can do to see if it's the just clutch itself needs replacing so when I get home I'll try that and know a little more
  12. I have a 71 240. Problem I'm having is it seems like my clutch is always engaged. It's almost impossible to get it into either first or second gear unless the car is off or rolling. In first and reverse with the clutch fully depressed the car rolls forward or back as if I'm letting off the clutch. Also theres a good clunk with the initial shift into reverse. I've replaced the master cylinder slave cylinder looks in good shape no leaks. I have the adjustable shank on my slave cylinder so I tried to thread it out thinking it would improve and it did the exact opposite, so I threaded the shank all the way back to the point where it is just barely (not even 1 ft lbs) touching my clutch fork and still I'm having the same issue. System has been bleed completely and I cant take anymore away from the shank on the slave cylinder. Later I will try adjusting the clutch pedal from under the dash see if that gives me any improvement. Any advice or suggestions would help thanks for the read!!!!!!
  13. I recently purchased a 1971 datsun 240z of which I soon found out the windshield leaks.... BAD, and I've been searching for a replacement rubber for it. Question is which one? I've found two on zcardepot that I'm trying to decide which between they have a repo one which says is smaller which is only $60 or the larger OEM one which is $300. Has anyone else purchased either of these? It doesnt give much of a description other then the OEM is bigger and the company says it's worth it if you're restoring it. I'm willing to pay the extra money if it really is worth it. But is it worth it??? Have any of you bought the rubber from somewhere else and had it work out well?? Any opinions would help, thanks for reading!

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    I'm looking for preferably a 240z but would take a 260z Requirements-running/driving, little to no rust, manual transmission, NOT V8 Prefrences- black interior, AC I live outside of Boston but am willing to fly anywhere in the country to pay for/pick up vehicle