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    I own 2 300zxs. One is an 84 parts car and the other is an 86. Both of them ran when they both had engines, but the 84 had the engine pulled and its currently going under a complete rebuild with all new performance parts including an upgraded turbo. I also own a 1994 Isuzu pickup as a daily driver.

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  1. Thanks! I ended up with a set of Rota RKR 15x8 et0. Probably should have gone with 16s since I could hardly find anything that wasn't a track tire in 225/50. Ended up with some Nitto NT450s in 205/55. They are the same height as the 225/50, but just a bit narrower. The Nittos seem to be decent, but this will be my first set so we will see how they do.
  2. I have been working pretty hard on getting the car where I have wanted it. Saturday I snapped a few pics of what I consider close to how I want it. It still needs to be lowered and I hadn't gotten the chance to put the badges back on, but the pics still turned out pretty good.
  3. I am selling a set of Dan Gurney Victory Mags. They are in pretty good condition. They have a bit of oxidation, but look to be in good shape. They come with Falken Ziex tires. 195/60r14. $300+shipping. Located in Evansville, IN
  4. Yeah, that thing really makes me want to go with the black RKRs over the polished rewinds because I obviously can't afford a set of real watanabes lol. I am not a huge fan of fender flares. @siteunseen You're running 15s right? I was thinking of going a step up to 16s. Any idea on what the biggest sized tires you can run before rubbing? I think I saw 205/55s. Not sure if you have to roll the fender lip or not.
  5. I might go the powder coating route. I know I want to do black bumpers, but I am still on the fence about the trim. If I go with a polished lip on the rewinds then I might keep the polished trim, but if I go with the black rewinds I think I am going to try to black out the trim. Luckily my buddy has a nice powder coating setup and as long as I do all the prep work he will powder them for the cost of the powder. I didn't realize the trim was all stainless. Thanks!
  6. Those would be just what I want, but it looks like they are still on back order, lol. I am the same as you and have the polished trim, so I was going to mask it off and spray that black as well. Also debating on whether to go with the polished lip on the konigs or the satin black. Sizing is a big question too lol. So many choices and plenty of time to figure it out.
  7. I was actually thinking of moving away from the chrome on this. I was thinking of getting a front and rear MSA fiberglass bumpers. I am just a bit worried about their quality and what sort of finish they have on them. Your car is amazing! It has pretty much everything I plan to do to mine. Chin spoiler, fiberglass spoiler, 8 spokes with a chrome lip. Looks great! I hope mine looks half that good.
  8. Yeah, I am hoping to get this thing running good, looking better and then just drive it. I also have a 300zx project I need to get back on. I have been letting it sit while I played with motorcycles, but it's about time I jumped back on it.
  9. I want to paint it back to the orange eventually. I would much prefer blue, but I feel like it would be better off orange. That is something much further down the road. Right now I am just wanting to get everything on it back to the best shape it can be and then the paint will come.
  10. I own a 1986 300zx that I bought 9 years ago and ever since I bought it, I have wanted a 240z. Well just this weekend I was finally able to acquire something that's definitely far from perfect, but something that I can drive and work on and make into something my own! I have attached a link to the imgur gallery below. I am super happy with the car. It's a 1972 240z. It definitely needs some work, but I can't find any rust that's bad. A little bit of surface rust and that's about it. Which is amazing since this is a midwest car lol. The car has been painted at some point in it's life and it shows how old it is. A lot of little scratches in the paint and such. It used to be orange, which one day I hope to bring back. I have a bumper for a 73, but since it mounts different I might have to find something else to go with. I got an old exhaust with the car that is basically a straight pipe with some resonators on the back I may try to install. The guy took it off because it was too loud and would wake up his kids. It has a header on it, but I can't tell what brand. Also got a set of Chastain Shadow Louvers, but no hardware, so that's no good. Overall, I am really happy with and I just want to bring it back to stock and just drive it! Let me know what you think! https://imgur.com/a/XrDIuR7
  11. The car ended up being in worse condition then I wanted to deal with. However, it did have an L28 and a 5spd already swapped into it. It didn't run though. Half the engine was in the hatch.
  12. Body pics: HTTP://evansville.craigslist.org/cto/2180665357.html Interior and engine: HTTP://evansville.craigslist.org/cto/2182524613.html
  13. Oh i know . I have been looking and a lot of the times the guy wants more then i want to spend. However, i am currently looking at a 72' 240z that was posted on my local CL. It was considered a "barn find." hopefully it will be what i am looking for. I'll post the ad here and let you guys look. He didn't post much info and from the pictures its gonna need some work. I can't really see any rust from the pictures either, but given It is a Z who knows if there is any hiding somewhere.
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