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  1. i think i got it. the below pic is where i need to be. What is the top switch suppose to do circled below:
  2. maybe your on to something. What goes in the hole circled red?
  3. Like this no? i have the cigarette lighter in the dash. I didn't believe there was two 12v ports. ive searched pics but there is a lot of discrepancies on the inner webs with cars and titles
  4. ok, i really thought that was series one specific. could you send a pic?
  5. Guys, my car is in the process of getting most of the interior parts reinstalled in the vehicle. When i purchased it, the interior was basically stripped and i have been piecing it back together. MY question is which piece should i have in the location directly in front of the shiftier. is it this? or this? or this one? i believe it is the first pic because i do not have a series one car. Vin pick below:
  6. YESSS! all white everything, few different shades.
  7. there are a few wheel wells on ebay, i may pickup that and just sheet metal the rest of the trunk deck.
  8. i may have a line on a 75 280z
  9. thank you very much. anything is appreciated. Now if i can just find one.
  10. guys, i have made a few post, but wanted to share the whole car. after a lot of years, i finally bit the bullet and bought a z. let me know what you guys think. Shes a good 20 footer.
  11. sorry-to clarify i am looking for a trunk deck and spare tire holder that will fit in my 71. the question would be can i use a 260z?280z? what year to what year? Basically trying to figure out my options.
  12. guys, i have been rooting around the forum but unable to find an answer to my specific question. I currently have a 71 240 that had the trunk deck cut out and replaced with a fuel cell. i am putting it back to original. My question is, does anybody know what years and models are the same? also, if you have one for sale, id be interested. i live in CT. see pics of what im working with.
  13. thanks guys-this is great. With this i realize i am also missing the sheet metal behind the two rear stay brackets. any idea where i can source those?
  14. Guys, i have begun my journey on bringing my recently purchased z back to life. overall the car is in great shape for being a new england car but will need some work prior to spring to be fully drive-able. The car was converted at one point to a track car and was never really used for said purpose. my first purchase will be the seat brackets from the below link: my question for everyone is, can anyone please supply me with some measurements and locations for these?