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    2 240z cars, both Orange. One with L-24 engine, round top SU's, headers, magnaflow exhaust 4 speed. One with an L28 with round to SU's, now being swapped to a Turbo L28. Both have 15 graphite konig rewinds with 225-50-15 tires,flamthrower coils,pertronix ignition conversions. Both tagged stout drivers

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  1. The good news is you are on the east coast. On the west coast many would scrap that car. East coast guys seem to accept rust a little more than others. Especially northeast. Not bad overall but will be quite a bit of work to get the body up to snuff. Typical looking east coast Z. Your price doesn't seem out of line to me at all. The one i started with a few years ago was i believe $1200 for the car. Everything was there it was just rusty. It was in a little better shape but had rust in all the same areas except the doors were in good shape. I do like how you've specifically sought out a buyer with intentions to drive it. Good luck with the sale.
  2. Got more rust sorted out on the "wilma" build. Rear of drivers door jamb was toast. Rockers are in. Its getting there.
  3. I never kept up on this thread however an update. This car is still running great. MS is sorted and the car is a blast to drive. It ran a 13.90 the first pass at the drag strip and handles great on the street. Fun fun fun. I'm working on number 2 now. She's a rusty one....
  4. Depends on state. Really would have a hard time at the DMV here in MD without a title even with a signed bill of sale.
  5. I've got my R200 up. New diff front mount. New rear T3 rear arms. Eibachs and kyb's. I have to relocate the fuel pump because the R200 mustache bar sits further back than the R180 hanger. Coming along. Transmission and clutch will be next.
  6. Very sorry to hear it. Hope you recover quickly and glad it wasn't any worse for you.
  7. Took the L24 Z for a blast in the country. She ran very good today considering she's been in hibernation for quite some time. Can't wait for spring.
  8. Not exactly the kind of car i'd expect at a barrett jackson but really cool you bought it. I wonder how the value of purchase for what a "purist" would look for in a 240z, totally stock unmolested survivor would compare to this type of HybridZ. Please reassure your wife that you really would be hard pressed to buy a project base and build the car you own for less if you paid someone to do the modifications. Welcome to the deizease
  9. I'd love to have another L28ET long block to build
  10. Not going to get into octane, Your "peppiness" could be related the the driveline gearing.
  11. Much more economical repair than sourcing one. Those covers have fetched some serious cash lately from what i've seen.
  12. I chose to do mine in the reverse order. My fronts are all nice shiny and fresh. I've got to do my rear suspension next. Shouldnt be too bad since i'm replacing the rear arms in the process. Looks good. You'll love how it feels when you are done. Almost like it has power steering .
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