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    ''Z-VETTE'' 1972 silver Cali Z, a complete older restoration, painted sixteen yrs ago but looks like done a few months ago, a quality job. In 2005 It had a professional installed LS1, with sub frame work,discs brakes on all corners,R200 VLSD diff,Tremec T5 6 speed trans,A/C, a kiiller stance with Panasports,Recaro leather seats,euro tail lights,JDM naked bumpers, 340 RWHP,365 RWT and she gets 30 MPG

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  1. The bullet or the Talbot style side mirrors IMO look good and are period correct , they are still in the market and as a pair L/R. I get tons of complements on my vintage Talbot's >>>
  2. Picture Oct 20/2013 annual check up and under car cleaning >>>
  3. Debating patina or nice new shine on my Z
  4. Silver and red is a great combo, a lot exotic GT's have that color combo :bulb:
  5. Thanks, I also love this Z , she gives me a smile on every mile.
  6. My Z was prep at that shop, yes the Pierre Perrot Z stable, fully documented >>>>>
  7. A Carolla is a Datsun fan. His herd, a killer historic 510, a Fair lady racer , a 610 racer, the Newman car and soon a Z
  8. I have one , mine has a fold on the last page, they appear on Ebay now and then. Keep in good condition and get the matching green Z with the tan interior , that way you will a nice pair of 70's memories
  9. Storage season is coming not that soon in this part of the world, I hate that thought and the idea of her away ills me . So she will be driven on dry days till a snow day alert is given , then she goes to her dorm
  10. Very nice , tempted but I like the patina on my euro rear tail lamps
  11. Some changes made to Z VETTE }}}} and my babe
  12. Nice video , made a copy for my archives
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