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    1st: 1977 280Z 5-spd A/C (301 brown metallic) purchased off the showroom floor from Manassas (VA) Datsun in 8/77. (whereabouts unknown)
    Current: 1977 4-spd A/C (code 110- persimmon), three PO's; San Francisco,CA and two in WI.

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  1. Check the vacuum tubing all around the vacuum canister, the mag solenoids and underneath the bracket for the solenoids, the T fiittng for the tubing. I can almost guaranty the tubing is split or not connected properly.
  2. Only on Saturdays and Sundays, sailing the Great Chesapeake Bay! Lately, I've been working the NY/NJ area, so I've been absent from the forum. Thanks to Zed's inquiry, here I am. The car has always had the hot start problem and still does. It also leaks down after a couple of hours. I added a Parker Fittings check valve between the inlet to the rail and the the stock fuel filter, in case the check valve at the pump was ineffective, replaced the FPR, replaced the injectors and cold start valve. In spite of the leak down in pressure, the car always starts with a blip of the key, other than the conditions being textbook for a hot start stumbling, throat clearing few moments. Stock 77 config, with the exception of an aluminum straight flow fuel rail. It's not a Pallnet, mine is round, with barbed fittings, one to the cold start valve.There is a Summit FP gauge threaded into the side. No brackets. I replaced the injectors a year ago (?), purchased from MSA. I believe them to be Bosch- according to the part # on the box but others have said that MSA doesn't do Bosch. Whatever. I'll double-check when I'm home again. The injector mounting blocks are plastic (MSA), they were metal. I trimmed the FI hose on the top of the injectors, down to about an inch, inch and a half, otherwise the gauge on the rail was to close to the underside of the hood. Let's see, what else? 93 octane. Tail pipe shows slightly rich, plug read says otherwise, nice mocha toasty color. 28 mpg last weekend on a cruise up RT 17, Norfolk to Fredericksburg, return trip via I-95., 17 deg BTDC. I do need a valve adjustment. Temp gauge runs a little under midway. I haven't added much, just some some stat data. Cheers to Zed for the efforts. Kris P.S. Here's what I do to to fund WILBY's care-taking...
  3. Anytime! My head swims a bit when the engineering chat gets deep but I can measure with the best of 'em!
  4. I assume the O-rings being discussed come in contact with fuel, so wouldn't any replacement items need to be rated for solvent/fuel?
  5. HybridZ I read somewhere else on the web that Hybrid Z suffered an attack on their server by executable files. They've been rebuilding for a couple of days...
  6. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/wheels-tires-brakes-s30/34288-mystery-71-240z-brake-issue.html
  7. This looks like a very clean and solid candidate on eBay. Auction currently at $3150. Seller has video. Datsun Z Series 240Z | eBay
  8. My first Z had pin stripes added at the dealership by a Trim Brite vendor. He was on the lot the day I came to pick up the car. He had or was about to stripe almost every car there. He did great work and his designs were very subtle and tasteful, IMO, matching designs and colors to the various models. Mine was a double over-under that started as a point at the headlight bucket, increasing in width ( maybe 3/4'?) following the shoulder line and just before turning 90 degrees across the hatch, they crossed each other. The car was that metallic copper and the stripes were a pale green and pale yellow. I loved it. I wish I had photos.
  9. Wait! There's more!... Call now and they'll add the 1960 Datsun 1200 truck!
  10. I, of course, agree. Orange with black details. Making me consider fender mirrors...
  11. Maybe there could be an Android/iPhone "app for that". :cheeky:
  12. I bought this one from BAP Geon (locally). This place has good prices. Notice the application chart... GMB 150-1160 Water Pump Rock Auto carries a Japanese brand, Aisin, also aluminum- have one installed on a Honda for many, many miles... RockAuto Parts Catalog
  13. It's not the prices in ads that bother me, going with what zKars wrote. It's the ads themselves- filthy engine bays and interiors ("Restored! Recently refreshed!), misstatements/ignorance (V6!, wrong model), etc...
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