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  1. Now that is F'ed up, what kind of heartless POS would do something like that. Now I want to punch someone in the face.
  2. If you care for a medium to large breed dog well enough to get a healthy teenager for any period of time, you have done well. I've mostly had Dobies and Rott's, the average life expectancy is around 8 years for these breeds. My last Dobie, Kato, made it 14 years before I had to put him down, I sobed like a bitch and held him on my lap for an hour after he passed, I wanna cry just thinking about it. Ruger will be 8 this summer and he's healthy as a horse. I think the biggest key to a raising a healthy old dog is doing your homework when getting the pup. Look hard at the parents (and the parents
  3. I've never heard of "BAMAZON", not much of a reality TV fan and I felt compelled to google the show, ya know, to make sure the little guy wasn't gonna get eaten or something. Think O___________. But seriously, I feel for you guys that have ever had to put down your best friend, I've had to go that route several times, and it hurts every time. You need to understand it going in when you are looking at that cute little pup, if you don't have the heart to end his misery when it can't be fixed, you have no business getting a dog (or cat) in the first place. BTW snow in March sucks bad.
  4. Had the knee done yesterday, no walking on it for a couple weeks. The Dr. says it's all good and the damage was not as bad as he had feared, as soon as I can put weight on it I'll post some pic.'s.
  5. Thanks for all the good thoughts, the knee seems to be the worst of it, torn ACL and medial maniscus, they want to scope it. The ankle is fine, if not a little sore still. After seeing Gnosez car, I feel like I only got a door ding. Like Spicoli said,"I can fix it." It was heading into the paint shop anyway and with only 18 days till spring the tear down will start soon. Worst case, I'll turn her into a track car.
  6. Wasn't going that fast, but was going very fast for the road I was on, about 60 to 70 mph. The car has stiff coilovers and 235/14 BF Goodrich tires, she usually sticks to the road really well. The terrain launched the car once I got into the grass at least 2 or 3 feet and I came down on the rock sideways on the second or third bounce. If there was anything in my way like a tree or pole, that would have been my a$$. Stupid, yes...Lucky, hell yes!
  7. Hagerty was great, I learned a trick long ago that is worth sharing if you think they will total your car. Park the car in such a way that the adjuster can't get really good pictures of the damage, only allow them angles that make it look really bad. I parked mine between two pickup trucks so he couldn't get full on side views of the car, as a result that door sticking out made the damage look much much worse than it really is. When they put it up on salvage auction it went off really low and made the buy back as painless as possible. As far as driving technique, Z's do not like sand and grave
  8. Broken ankel, tore up my knee and a nice shiner, other than that just bumps & bruises. The car is what really hurt.
  9. Well, I haven’t been here for a couple months, and there’s a good reason, I up and crashed my Z and have been so sick about it I couldn’t bring myself to go into the garage or come to this site. I was driving the car HARD and it got away from me doing a 180 and leaving the pavement, taking air, and landing on top of a huge bolder that crushed the passenger side rocker and floor pan. The door was spared, but the top of the door sticks out about 3 inches at the top of the window frame. Remarkably the door still opens and closes and the car can still be driven around, I parked it in the gar
  10. So sad to hear, I wish E God speed, and all my thoughts and prayers to his family. I was only privileged enough to have some PM exchanges with E after he hit me with infractions for going political, harsh language or pushing a point with another member. One exchange in particular, back in December of 2010 sticks out in my memory, we went back and forth about politics on the forum. E struck me as a fair minded man that was more concerned with where things would go rather than what has already been said or done. In our brief correspondence he earned my respect for the way he represented himself
  11. Had a few quick questions regaurdinng your Cosmo racing coilover install. I purchased this kit as well and information on installation is had to come by.

    1. Does the sleeve sit on top of the stock perch or did you weld a new one higher so the sleeve is even with the top of the strut tube?

    2. Did you have to alter the stock top spring seat to fit flush withe the top of the new spring?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  12. FWIW, I'm running P235/60R 14's (0 offset) with a stock vallance and stock ride height. I only get rubbing up front with the wheels turned all the way to the right when backing up. there was a slight rub in the back on big bumps before I installed the new struts and Cosmo Racing springs (super stiff ride). I can adjust the ride height down about 1.5 inches before I get any rubbing in forward driving, but I like the car sitting up high for street use.
  13. How does it run with the air filter installed? If the tuning is too far out the air filter(s) make a difference.
  14. A while ago someone started a thread about an old Japanese guy that was building an all aluminum Z. The thread and links never continued past a door the guy built. This morning I went to a local Cars and Coffee in Hunt Valley, MD and saw a hand made beauty like this. (not this, or these cars) The entire body is polished aluminum, no coating, just raw aluminum. It was friggin amazing and I wish I could have a Z like this, that is untill it comes to detail day. The owner of the car I saw today is also one of the owners of the company that builds the bodies (or so he said) a 427 SCJ Cobra repli
  15. I've been to that bridge, it's just outside Butler, PA if I recall. What a great pic of the Z, how did you get it so far back in the woods and keep it that clean?
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