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Barrett-Jackson 240Z

Carl Beck

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Not sure if I would sell a Z at Barrett auction. I don't think the setting is food for imports. Somebody got a good deal- then again- the deals are pretty good for most cars right now.

Hope I get more than that for the 71 when it goes to market !

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Will be going to BJ tomorrow, but talked with a friend (big Datsun fanatic) that looked the car over on Sunday, he was not impressed with the mods or the overall condition of vehicle up close. I believe the seller should be content with what he got, if the condition is what my friend say. Will be interested to see it myself.

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The fuel cell is not separated from the passenger compartment by and bulkhead and the battery, with an unprotected positive terminal, is right next to the fuel cell. At least its a good SFI/FIA approved cell with a Kevlar bladder. If the lines don't break or leak in a hard rear impact there shouldn't be a fire, at least right away.

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That 240z was originally owed and built by Scott Baker and Top-end performance of North Hollywood,calif.It looks pretty much the same the last time I saw it before he sold it back in 1998 except for the wheels.Originally the z had 17 inch ARE wheels instead of panasports and originally didn't have the fuel cell.Originally had stock z seats.Missing are the original nissan oem headlite covers. Originally no front air damWhen I talked to Scott back in 1998 he sold the z for little over 12k.It was a full resto-mod at the time,3.1 litre turbo w/electromotive II,Willwood brakes,coilovers.He said he took a huge loss but wanted to get on with his bmw 320is turbo w electromotive II which turned out very nice.

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Nice Street Mod Z - looks like some good work was done on this one.

Sold for $10,400.00 - - very sad for the seller... Sold with No Reserve..

1972 DATSUN 240Z Lot 49 | Barrett-Jackson Auction Company

I'd buy it for that amount any day.. The seller would have been better off on EBay..


Carl B.

Yes, the seller definitely took a bath on this one. The $10,450.00 includes a 10% commission, so the buyer got even less for the car. It seems like the few 240Zs that are up for auction at Barrett-Jackson are going for less and less each year, not a good venue for 240Zs....too many muscle car guys who really have no interest in imports. I agree with Carl, the seller would have done a lot better on Ebay where there are a lot more potential bidders and there's a lot less risk.

One interesting note, the VIN HLS30-64331 on this car is close to the VIN on my son's and my 1/72, HLS30-64733 that we sold on Ebay for $15k in October of 2008.






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I bought the Z at Barrett and I can assure you that I am OK with the price. It is my first Z car. I wasn't planning on buying a car at Barrett let alone a Z. I had looked at the car and new it was rust free and the turbo install was clean. I agree that the fuel cell is a bit of a kluge and that the car isn't well detailed. I am from Minnesota and the local population of rust free Z's went extinct years ago. It wasn't until after the purchase I learned about how nicely the the car is equipped and its "celebrity" status.

As this thread demonstrates, there is something about the car that engages people. I couldn't stand next to it for five minutes without someone coming up and talking about the car. Once the conversation started, people nearby would come over and look at the car. A car that draws a crowd at Barrett Jackson has to have something going for it.

We put about 50 miles on it around Phoenix before we dropped it off for shipping. I can assure you it it goes like stink. Boost hits 20 psi and it will break both tires loose at will in the first three gears. It goes down the road straight and smooth with no rattles or clunks. The seller called me after I bought the car to warm me to use 100 octane racing gas to be careful because the car was "one mean M-F."

I have done a little research. It was built in SoCal by Top-End Performance. It originally had a "500 plus hp" 3.1 stroker motor but the block cracked. It has a stock stroke motor in it now. If anyone knows more about the history, I'd love to hear it. The salt won't be off the roads here till late April and my wife isn't talking to me so I've got some time to kill ;-)


Bill Eastman Automotive Home Page Index

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Not exactly the kind of car i'd expect at a barrett jackson but really cool you bought it. I wonder how the value of purchase for what a "purist" would look for in a 240z, totally stock unmolested survivor would compare to this type of HybridZ.

Please reassure your wife that you really would be hard pressed to buy a project base and build the car you own for less if you paid someone to do the modifications.

Welcome to the deizease

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