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What's a L28 worth?


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So...I just sold a 280zx late model transmission to Al over at Datsun Parts LLC.

Funny story, I thought I had an L26 with weber carbs. Turns out I actually had an L28 with weber carbs. No wonder I couldn't figure out why it performed so well. Anyway...

He offered me $300 for the long block plus accessories. But those include a working OEM electronic distributor (from the 280z), the alternator, etc. The webers, intake and throttle linkage are now sold (shipping out Friday). How much is a long block plus accessories worth? It was fully working when I parked the car. No smoke, nothing.

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Had to make myself haul them off to the scrap - did a refresh on the garage {to please "She who must be obeyed"}. Couldn't find anyone around here to sell them too - so two complete L28's went to the scrap metal yard. Also took about four L24's there as well.

Of course after I got rid of them - I found several people that wanted them..


Carl B.

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Are they webber DGV carbs? The dizzy is worth about $150 on its own. Doesn't sound like much as the accessories are worth more than the block.

Maybe in the UK, but no way are you going to sell a 280Z distributor here for $150. More like $50 if you're lucky.

Take the $300.

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You can buy a complete engine with accessories (head, block, alternator, distributor, AC, power steering, manifolds, etc.) from the local PicknPull here in Oregon for $240. With a 30 day guarantee included. Electronic distributors are ~$42. That $300 is easy money IF you think you're done with the L engines. Otherwise, it's nice to have a known-good engine as a spare.


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Al would not offer you $300 unless you had something in the assembly he thinks he could get at least twice that out of with little to no effort-could be he plans on painting your block and selling it as rebuilt-could be you have a rare part or parts, he sees that you don't... AL that doesn't throw money at run of the mill parts.

Post some pictures-maybe we can help you get that money Al sees in buying your engine.



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Alright, here ya go guys. Still wanting to get rid of this engine unless it's something real special, but I feel it's not. N42 head, The cam says E30 on it. Has a dizzy, fuel pump, and alternator on it. That's about it. Block is an L28, correct?

So question once again is posed, should I sell for $300, or is there a way to squeak a little more out of it? Thanks!











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Don't know if it will affect your decision but that is an F54 block, so might have flat-top pistons, if it came from an NA car. If so, with the N42 head, the compression ratio will be higher than the stock L28. Either way, the head did not come with the block, and the "E30" cam did not come with the N42 head, so somebody has put together their own set of parts. That's not a typical L28 engine.

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