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  1. I will try the upload a lot more in the future. The deadline is around the beginning of march. Then starts the new meeting season here in holland with a lot of nice meetings like time attack and drifting.
  2. Hi guys, I has been more then a year after my last post. Been very busy on the car, new work etc. I have a lot of topics i have to update on several forums and was more building the car then update topics. I guess i have forgotten this forum a bit :stupid: So there has a lot to be update so i'll start: The car is since october 2012 back from the painter. He sanded the complete car en painted the whole car QM1 white from the nissan skyline. After that i started to build the car up with al the new parts i collected and all the old parts that have been sandblasted en repainted. The engine was also cleaned and painted, but thats the only thing that has been done on the engine. Engine itself has been left in the same condition before i started this project. Runs smooth, everything has been adjusted and had i big service with all new gaskets, fluids and filters. The car was at the painter from the end of july until the end of october. Meanwhile i prepared a lot of stuff. cleaned it en repainted it. The first saturday of 2013 it has started since more then a year. And i started within 5 seconds after the carburators gained fuel. We should call that old reliability or Datsun power I had some cooling leaks which has to be repaird and i concluded my 38 year old radiator had give it up. Time for a new aluminium. I am now finishing the complete wiring which was not complete or working fine. I stripped the whole cable loom, repaired the wiring, put some new isolating tape around it and put some "snake skin "around the whole loom. That what i have done the last year in al small message. Told enough. Picture warning:bulb:
  3. i have read multiple articles in which people say you have to switch the right cable to the left and the left to the right side. Maybe that'll help? succes
  4. Front are 19 and back 25 millimeters. Both the front and the back tires are the size measuring 215-40-17
  5. Some older pics of applying and sanding filler to the body. Some newer. These are the most common jobs i am dealing with. Hop the bring the car to the painter at the end of may Dashboard, Dashboardcabin and ventpanel in front of the window are back from the flock company. It looks perfect. thats it for now. I hope the next pics are on the painters truck.
  6. Updates: All the fiberglass panels on the front are fitting correct. Finishing touch has to be made with filler I can mount my h4 headlights again. The fiberglass panels had no mounting point so i had to cut them out of the steel ones which had a lot of rust. Now it looks like it is original Bought some Volkswagen beetle fenderrubber to mount between the fender and the flares. This fills the gape between them. Enginebay is ready to be paint. The underside of the car has been sprayed completely with anti stone chip spray. ( Dont know the exact the english name ) My right side door was completely rusted so bought a new perfect one together with a perfect drivers side one.
  7. well i was thinking about that the same way but i think it is hard to change the design. But i have seen one Z ( Aardvarks Z , i think a well known name in the Z scene ) that doesnt have them anymore.
  8. Well the current status of the project :
  9. Well some kind of speclist : Engine -2,6 litre 6 inlinw Ohc -Double Su carburaters -Twin air airfilters -Inlet sandblasted and painted -Janspeed 2x 3-2-1 uitlaexhaust manifold -Megan racing Muffler ( will become a smaller one ) -Magnecor 8mm sparkplug wires Exterior: -Zg fiberglass fender flares -Xenon polyurethane Airdam - BRE style spoiler -Fiberglass bonnet with original airvents -Fiberglass fenders at the front -Fiberglass headlightbuckets -All the chrome trims will become flat black -Bumpers will become flat black -H4 conversion with clear headlights and 6000k bi-xenon HID -Taillights changed too double taillights using the foglight -Aluminium race Fuelcap conversion Interieur: -fully stript -removed all the isolation off the floors -Qsp deepdish 90mm drift steering wheel -Omp racingseats -4 point harnesses -Dashboard will be flocked -Probably i will make a 10 point rollcage in it. Handling: -Mazda lantis ba d2 racing coilovers customised -Complete Polyurethane bushing -The complete suspension is sandblasted and coated black -R200 3:9 Wheels: -Rota rb-r/x (Front 9 J et-13 --- Back 9,5J et-19 ) Tires: Falken 452 215/40/17 stretched Brakes: -Vented /Drilled /slotted 300zx z31 non turbo rotors front -Drilled/ slotted 300zx z31 non turbo rotors back -Toyota landcruiser vented 4 pot calipers front S12W -Nissan 200sx s14 rear calipers back -Modern motorsports 240sx brackets customised to fit the larger s14 calipers
  10. Rims are the rota rb-r indeed. 17x 9,5 -19 and 7,5x9 -13 @Zguy91. Do you the name of this irishman? cant find him on hybridz
  11. hi guys, I am reading a while now here on the forum so i thought is will show you guys my ride. My ride is a '75 datsun 260z 2+2. Here it is for the moment: I am now making the flares to look good with the right flush. I am nog looking to find spacers with the right thickness. After that the backfender wil be cutted. In the front there wil be fiberglass fenders installed. Car wil be prepared to spray the interior, exterior and enginebay in QM1 white or grand prix white. regards, robin
  12. hi guys i want some confirmations about upgrade my brakes. In the front i would upgrade to toyota 4x4 vented calipers with the right rotors. But is this a straight bolt on swap or do i have to use spacers? second question; i want to upgrade my rear brakes to disc. found a advert that offers 2 maxima '81 brackets and 2 '79 280zx calipers. Is this the exact combination to fit? And i gues i have to use 280zx rotors then? Is there also an upgrade for the back with vented rotors? Last question. when upgrade the brakes i have read that i have to upgrade my bmc as well. I have bought one allready and while cleaning/ renew the bmc the pistonseals broke. I found out that there are repair kits but cant find them anywhere. I have read that they are out of stock in th USA. does someone knows a solution? Thank you. regards from holland! robin260z hope
  13. well i kinda like the drift/ stretched tyre look. but maybe the stretch will become less. First i need the wheels. i found some in stock in the USA, but then i read about the rota fast forward wheels are coming october 2011 possibly so it made me doubt about the rbx wheels. But i dont have confirmation.
  14. well i got an update again. Today i cleaned both the fuel lines from the thank underneath the car to the front. I replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the complete fuel rail, cleaned and checked the mechanical fuel pump. ( cant find anything that was or could be broken ) cleaned the filters bruce told about and cleaned the needles and fild the carbs with oil. I did notice that the oil in the carbs have to be fild very often. the only thing i now can think of is something with the ignition or with the carbs. Ignition is strange because while idling the runs fine. While driving the car still stutters en blows ( small blasts ) out of the exhaust ( thats why i think its the ignition ) But it also blows ( small blasts ) out of the airfilters on te carbs. While driving and using the choke te cars is going to run better but still not normal. A few months before the car runned very good and fast. Things that happen between then and now is a drove the fuel tank to far empty and cooling fluid was gushing out of my radiator cap due too filthy stuff inside the cooling system. I know it is hard too give the answer when you cant see or here it, but it almost give me bad dreams about my car. Would it be usefull when i make a video? thanks so far for the help guys
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