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  1. Yes, i kept the bump stops. Cutting the springs was perfect for this car.
  2. I decided to cut one coil off each of the springs. In combination with the Tokico struts, the car rides great, no bottoming and at the desired ride height. For a bonus, it was easier to install. Less spring to compress and shove into the strut well.
  3. I have two Z's. A 240 (the one in the pic) and a 280. The 240 is the race car with Eibachs and Tokico adjustables. The 280 is the cruiser. Tokico non-adjustable and softer stock springs. Just dont like the car being so high off the ground.
  4. I want to lower my 280z using the original springs. I want a softer ride than the Eibachs but a lower stance. Ill be using Tokico struts. Question is how much will it lower the car if i cut one coil? What about 2 coils? Any one have feed back with this?
  5. Thought youd might like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1pLfowWerc
  6. Dont forget, there is a second video on motomantv. Its called, "What do Z's and sharks have in common?". Check that one out too. If you have TiVo, you can get both on "Video on Demand".
  7. LOL it's not even 11 I still have some reading to do on the RB
  8. Shouldnt you be in bed by now?

  9. Thanks for the info. Id like to ride in a car with that set up but we live too far apart (LOL). One more thing... Do you have stock sway bars? I have a 1" in front and 7/8 in the rear. I took the rear off because it was way too harsh. So if i changed back to stock springs, ill put the rear bar back in. Gosh, so many options its hard to decide.


  10. Yes, I prefer the set-up for the daily drive. Its still firm, but liveable. I recently cut 1.5 coils off of the front only to evenout the body. The back is stock and sagging, but the front was still stock height. I cut the coil to make the tire clearance the same front and back. I really like the ride...no desire to change. I think it looks better too.


  11. I just read your post from last year. Im having a similar dilema with my Z. I have the Eibach springs and Illumina struts. Fun but kinda harsh. Thinking about switching to shorten stock springs and same struts. Questions for you is... Is the stock set up still somewhat sporty? No problems with such a strong strut and soft spring? Thanks for all your help.

  12. I might be able to helo you. What part of San Jose are you? Have you tried the "Z Garage" off 1st St?
  13. code3z

    Dash Lights

    One more thing. Inf, i took your advice and ordered from PlanetBulb. Will see how it works for me.
  14. code3z

    Dash Lights

    I have noted that Motorsports customer service has gone downhill. Use to be very friendly on the phone and would make recomendations. Now they sound dry and lifeless. Just take my order and thats it. With just a little more interaction, they could be selling more products.
  15. code3z

    Dash Lights

    How did you change the bulbs in the smaller gauges? Did you go from under the dash or did you remove the tach and go through that hole? Im having a hell of a time reaching the plug. I cant get the new (Motorsport) bulbs pushed into the socket.
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