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  1. Woody928

    Sway bars

    For what its worth if you haven't made a decision I'd highly recommend the ST kit, I looked at all three options when I did mine and I thought it was the best choice in terms of fitment and value for money. I don't like the design off the MSA kit with drilling of the chassis involved and the Futofab kit doesn't seem to justify the extra price from anything I've read. The rear ST kit bar made a massive difference to the handling of my car, currently having reinforcement plates added to the front frame rails before the front bar goes in so as to not cause any damage to the chassis and prevent any potential for twisting or extra stress. Great addition 😁
  2. Woody928

    Replacement Headlight wiring with relays

    Thank you 😀 No worries thanks for getting in touch. Just dropped you an email 😎
  3. Woody928

    Replacement Headlight wiring with relays

    Quick question, are his response times usually pretty good? Still not heard anything back yet...
  4. Woody928

    Replacement Headlight wiring with relays

    Thank you both, I had seen his website but its great to have the recommendation 😀 I'll drop him a message.
  5. Well update time again, not too much to report in a way. Since we've had the car back on the road in the middle of July the car has done just over 1000 miles as a shake down to really dial things in and see where we stand. It's made it on various runs out, breakfast meets and car shows in the interim where it's performed very well. It's just been dropped back to passion engineering with a snagging list to be tweaked to make perfect for now hopefully to collect in time for Goodwood's JDM Sunday all being well. Most notably I took the Z up to JAE with the MR2OC who are great friends and like my second family and had an awesome weekend with them, the car was somewhat stealing the show for a lot of people with people in awe of its condition. Rather unusually for me I entered JAE's show and shine competition as for once I actually felt I had a car nice enough and set about doing some detailing before chucking it in to see what happened. Not knowing very much about cleaning other than clay baring the paint, waxing it and generally giving it a clean up I thought it would be nice to show the car off if nothing else. Despite some amazing competition in the form of a fully restored Fairlady roadster and another 240Z I managed to win the Retro category by 1 point which completely blew me away. Having spoken to the judge afterwards I nearly threw the competition away and lost a lot of points because I hadn't cleaned the inside barrels of my wheels which just goes to show why I never enter cleaning competitions and much prefer driving and picking up dirt instead! Either way I now can claim to own a show wining car and was quite smug having seen other entrants trailer their cars there or only turn up to enter the competition which just seemed wrong to me! After a lot of stress and hassle earlier this year its been amazing to just get out and use it, I never lose that smile whenever I get in and just turn the key and just enjoy it. I still find plenty of excuses just to go out for a drive even if I have nowhere to go. The ridiculous attention continues to flow in, on the way back from JAE a guy in a McLaren 720s and his partner were going crazy next to me, taking loads of photos and shouting loads of compliments and loving it despite being in a supercar nearly 50 years younger. Still making great progress, hopefully more positive news to follow shortly. IMG_7835 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_7827 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_7818 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_7805 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_7842 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Photo CO Chris Presley IMG_7853 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Photo CO Chris Presley IMG_7859 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Possibly one of my favourite photos that I've taken of the Z to date IMG_7675 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr
  6. Hi all, I'm hoping that you can help me out, I've noted that the wiring around my 240z headlights isn't the best and I've recently had a couple of issues with my headlights. Notwithstanding this I'm also conscious of the age of the wiring and from what I've read the load that is being exerted on the cars combination switch. The car does get driven at night so I'm looking to upgrade the wiring and take the load out of the system with some plug and play wiring with relays if possible. I've seen a couple of different options online from different vendors however I wasn't sure if someone could point me in the right direction as what may be the best setup/value for money given my complete lack of electrical knowledge? I'm hoping for a plug and play solution if possible... Many thanks in advance, Mark
  7. More than likely, as an example of what a bodykit can do here's what mine has looked like, now back to stock bodywork. I still think they're the biggest performance bargain to be had out there! As a JDM Turbo model mine will do 60 in just under 5 seconds with bolt on mods, handles superbly and can embarrass much more expensive cars quite easily. They may get properly appreciated one day... IMG-4507 (1) by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-5647 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr
  8. As above it's a Toyota MR2 Mk2, that one has got a slight bodykit fitted to it and also has had a turbo engine conversion. Running about 300bhp, coilovers,, underbracing etc very quick and fun car, I've got a white JDM one as my daily car. T-bars are also great for the summer 😀 I believe you only got them up until 1995 in the US rather than 2000 like the UK and Japan. The gen3 cars in the US seem to be a lot more sought after due to the improvements and lack of them available.
  9. Well I thought I'd put together a little update, the car is getting lots of use at the moment getting to various meets and going out on runs and drives just for the fun of it. I'm not sure exactly, but the car has definitely done well over 600 miles since the recent overhaul. There are still points to address however I'm too busy enjoying the beautiful weather to worry for now. I'm still finding the attention the car gets comical, I feel like some sort of celebrity driving it around half the time, the engine bay is now also getting lots of ooohhh's and aaahhhh's and wowing people. Lots of comments that its got a proper engine fitted, it was pretty swamped at most times during its recent visit to the Goodwood Breakfast meet. Even when I've just dropped into Waitrose several people have stopped to take photos, compliment the car and chat before I've got near the store. I even met an Audi Motorsport heritage engineer in a traffic queue at Goodwood who has a German market 260Z +2 and has worked on several of the winning LMP1 Le Mans cars over the years that I've watched. It really is incredible who you meet... I'm pleased to report that it's running very well, the engine in particular. The fuel economy is now where we'd expect it to be now with it being about 23-24 mpg with my enthusiastic driving and over 30mpg possible on motorway cruises now which has really impressed me. The engine is super rev happy, albeit stops really performing around 5.5k rpm and in reality is getting used to between 4-5k for spirited use. Handling wise now the car is very impressive, it needs the uprated front roll bar to dial out some under steer however on a recent drive out with the MR2OC it had no problems keeping up with cars with over double the power in several cases. It certainly surprised a friend in a Noble M12 at its ability to corner and get around roundabouts. It handles incredibly well for a car that is almost 48 years old now. As you can imagine it's no straight line monster and was left slightly lacking in that regard, however I've been too busy smiling and listening to the soundtrack to care! The car has just been accepted into the show and shine competition at JAE this year so I'll actually have to give it a proper clean and see how I get on, not something I've ever contemplated before however she looks so nice at the moment I thought what the hell. I've got a few show weekends coming up so more time to show her off to people and enjoy. DSC_0071 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr DSC_0081 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr
  10. It sounds like I may be on the money with both bits of speculation from that! The prop was recently shortened and re-balanced for the conversion but I've been told these cars are really prone to balancing issues so still think it's the most probable cause. I'll investigate! There's a lot to take in 😂 I had no idea what big a difference it would make, originally I'd never even considered one. It only weighs 4.7kg so has really made the engine come alive! I think the rear anti roll bar really has to be up there for value for money personally. Ahhh now that's disappointing to hear the only rebuild kits I've really seen are the Kenjutsu ones... It sounds like I need to speak to Nissan and try and work out some part numbers. Awesome, congratulations on the purchase! I'll try and keep an eye out for a project thread, don't worry I knew almost nothing a couple of years ago and its turned out ok so far! Thank you, she's getting there slowly.
  11. Thanks for the insight chaps. Hopefully it's mentioned above but there's a lot to take in, I'm suspecting a worn syncro and potential bad bearing. Due to the speed it comes on at and the way it transfers into the car I still think the prop is the likely cause of the vibration as it is very noticeable rather than more minor. I wouldn't have thought the gearbox would create that level of vibration at those specific speeds only.... Sadly I think the box will need to be ripped out and rebuilt assuming i can find spares!
  12. Woody928

    Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

    Haha I will be even more envious if you pick up a set of those as well! I would love triple OER's however they are way down the list sadly.... Cool CAD skills.
  13. Woody928

    Duffy's 1/71 Series 1 240z build

    I do love following this thread, it's so familiar in many respects! You obviously have great taste 😉 Keep up the good work. I am super envious of that exhaust setup, it really does look pukka!
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, not heard that one before but will certainly try and give it a go! Sadly due to the slight wine it may be well worth removing and stripping the gearbox anyway....
  15. Another dramatic change has been the installation of the rear ST anti roll bar. This single item really has transformed the cars handling dramatically, it’s quite silly how well the car now handles considering the platform is nearly 48 years old. B roads really have been made so much more fun and the overall package has transformed just with this item. The front bar is still waiting to be fitted as we have decided it will be prudent to reinforce the chassis legs before installation given how chunky the new bar is. The overall suspension package now is however fantastic, its amazed a few people how well it negotiates corners. Thankfully the replacement of the lower steering column UJ has removed a huge amount of slack out of the steering and made it far more responsive much to my delight, the car really engages you and provides lots of positive feedback when you want to press on! Long term the only addition I can see will be strut bars to help out further when funds allow. We are very much shaking down the car given the huge amount of custom work that has been completed and various unknown parts installed. So far on the to do list is a vibration that comes in at around 60 & 80 while cruising, I’m not sure if this could be a propshaft balance issue having been told how precise this needs to be but will be investigated. Fourth gear syncro is also fairly high up the list as you cannot rush it and some attention to the gearbox however otherwise she’s running better than ever. The car is a far cry from the one that we purchased 2 years ago, with the exception of the half shafts I think everything drivetrain related has now been replaced. I think it’s only the brake master cylinder left in the engine bay before all major items have been replaced as well. Depending on my schedule the car is going to have a thorough check over in the next month or two and be looked at more seriously to get it running spot on and check that we’ve caught everything. At this point I cannot say a big enough thank you to Iain at Passion Engineering (and his dad who pitched in as well), while it’s taken me 5-6 months for me to plan everything out and source all of the parts his engineering skills have made this part of the project a reality. Due to time and space I didn’t get to attempt a few of the jobs which I would have very much liked to have tackled myself, however when it comes to some of the bigger jobs such as the fabrication and repair of items his skills are second to none. He also bent over backwards in his efforts to try and get the car Le Mans ready, working full weekends and putting in lots of extra hours to get it just right. Sadly some unforeseen issues stopped us but that’s meant to finished product was not compromised in any way. I’ve mentioned all of the key items above however its all of the little details where he excels such as my hidden fan override switch under the dash (without altering the car in any way) and rerouting on the rocker cover breather to be more discrete that makes all the difference. As you can well imagine I’m completely broke on the Datsun fund this year. That doesn’t stop future plans though and in the pipeline I’m still hoping to get a 4 pot vented brake setup up front to compliment the rear drums with new performance shoes. I’ve also been aware for some time that the exhaust system midpipe and tailpipe is very much homemade and horrible. Having properly investigated we’ve identified that near the tailpipe the diameter shrinks from about 2.5 to 1.5 which is really choking the engine I would imagine and needs to go. Currently toying with speaking to Z story about a new JDM muffler and midpipe to go with the current headers or even go the whole hog and replace the whole system which I’d love to if it can be justified. All being well we also have plans to sneak an AFR gauge into the factory gauge setup in place of the clock to keep things looking factory but being more functional. Aesthetics wise the project has taken somewhat of a turn with reality dawning that this is too nice a car to make it look like a race car despite my aspirations, I quite enjoy the fact that everyone thinks it’s just a standard 240Z with the exception of my crazy bosozuku style gear shifter. It’s only when you start talking to people that they realize all of the work that’s gone on under the skin. I may therefore continue to show restraint against spoilers and the like…. There’s been several stories and experiences as ever in the meantime and lots of little extra details however I’ve already written lots so I’ll leave it for now, enjoy the photos instead if you’ve made it this far. IMG-7113 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7112 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7115 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7116 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr A quick view of all of the area's you don't get to see. It would be good to clean up the fuel tank straps! (Follow link to video on Flickr) IMG-7111 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7467 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7316 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7470 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7325 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG-7475 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr

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