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  1. Thanks for the link, they're gaining quite the reputation in the UK and across the globe now it seems! The quality of work is undoubtably superb, however certain changes are definately taste driven. I love restomod type cars however I really dont like some bits they've done on these, otherwise some great ideas. They do actually present superb value for money (GBP £ 100k) when you look at the man hours invested in them compared to alot of other compaines doing the same thing to other types of car. Just way out of my budget, I'm building my own dream version anyway it seems....
  2. 😂 That's amazing! What a small world... I live in the estate the next to the train station in Eastmont Road. I love how we've connected on a US Z forum all all places... Would love to know the numbers, there's certainly more cars coming into the UK every year. Not many actually on the road though unfortunately...
  3. Shame, sounds like it would have been a damn good read! Wiring is the one thing that still scares me, I must get past that some day... All sounds really sensible, I can confirm that a new UJ in the steering column makes a world of difference! No way, do you also have a rally S30 out in South Africa? (If so we've spoken before through the Zclub's calendar applications as a I manage them, or if not then there's another S30 owner in Epsom as well!). Such a small world as I'm by Esher and used to play rugby against Epsom College... You really don't see many about ever short of the big organised events, not many people like to actually use their cars sadly! I'm not sure how effective they really are, I suppose with the stock manifold they must have been fairly functional otherwise Nissan wouldn't have bothered. One of the big reasons I've kept mine in the setup is because they are the perfect place to have your carb throttle return springs mounted as Nissan intended assuming you're still running factory carbs and not tripples or efi. With regards to the rad, my mishimoto aluminium rad has made an amazing difference! dropped the temps massively and stays really cool on the move... Also with the electric spal fans with the manual override I'm quite happy in traffic if I want to override the thermostat.... Hope that helps 👍
  4. Thank you very much, its been my pride and joy these last few years! 😎 What a small world indeed, awesome to know theres another Z fan just down the road, there's a few lurking and hiding in the area I know, even if I don't see them... Sounds like a great project that you're making good progress with, do you have a project thread that can be followed anywhere?
  5. Cheers dude 😁 With the Ztherapy carbs and OS Giken lightweight flywheel it really is pukka now! Just need the cold feed airbox next to finish it off... I really enjoyed my drive out in it this morning....
  6. Thanks for the suggestion but really didn't want to risk it... This is the stuff, basically double layer aluminium heat shielding. Very affordable and basic but provides a big barrier to the headers to shield the bulk of the heat from the carbs, I'm sure there's nicer looking solutions however its very functional! https://www.nimbusmotorsport.com/products/view-product/nimbus-gii-heat-shield/ Thanks for the kind words and suggestions guys! Well what a day it has been! It's taken me 12 hours however I can say that the car is now sorted and moving under its own steam again Having spent the morning toying with he running issues at hand and bouncing ideas off a few people (Mainly Ali who has been my Yoda for the last two days and listening to all of my wims and questions, even taking time out of his working day to call me to talk things over), it was eventually concluded that it must be an exhaust leak that was causing all of the issues... The exhaust colour in particular supported this! All of the ingredients were otherwise there... (Thank you to those who suggested this). Fuel, air and ignition were't issues so it meant I needed a new exhaust gasket at 10.30am with nothing off the shelf in the UK in lots of cases.... Call in Mike from MJP (Hero of the Day) who had stock, realising my need and that my second day off was wasting away, a three hour round trip to Essex with the Dartford crossing done twice and I was back home with a new exhaust manifold gasket. Thank you Mike, really appreciated the assistance! (Perhaps on reflection should have tried the nearer venue in Fourways!) Much to my joy I stripped everything back down again (much faster this time having done it before). Other than getting a ratchet spanner stuck on the header for a time this actually went quite smoothly. Got the old gasket off and cleaned all of the surfaces again thoroughly before dropping the new gasket in place. Not taking any chances I also smeared the back of the intake manifold ports with Loctite high temp gasket to make sure it really sealed. Back to putting everything back into place again and tightening up so that we were all good, I made sure to replace some of the copper exhaust manifold nuts with spreader plates and smaller nuts to really make sure everything was secured this time as well. Key in the ignition and moment of truth time, full choke and she fired right up, shooting to high rpm.... Choke backed off and she was idling like a dream, queue me running around my driveway with my arms in the air like a footballer celebrating... Carbs balanced and running well, so all fears confirmed and resolved. Heat shield reinstalled and ITB socks installed to get the car running on the road again. Next up was the dreaded steering coupler, taking no chances I called in the big guns and got some 300mm pliers from B&Q which gave me exactly the leverage I needed to squeeze the poly and pop the bolt back in like a dream, steering is only every so slightly off but very much reconnected. Some stainless steel cable ties to help with my exhaust hang while I sort out a more permanent central bracket and it was time for a test drive.... All I can say is wow, I let the car get up to temperate first but could tell that the car felt keen from the get go. It has a great burble at low rpm without being too intrusive. Once up to temp and with the loud pedal pushed and it just goes.... Pulls strongly to around 5k rpm however the magic really starts at 4k rpm where it just sounds asbo loud and bonkers and starts screaming! and then when you lift off it just pops and crackles and farts like a symphony orchestra. Amazingly at motorway speeds though its very refined (unlike the ind noise and rattles) Safe to say I spent 30 minutes grinning like an idiot blasting around the local roads, most definitely holding onto gears longer than Miss Daisy would have approved of just to keep ringing it out. Really quite impressed with the difference its made, certainly no restrictions in the exhaust now. At this point I really do need to give a shout out to everyone who has had input, there's been some superb advice and encouragement from the community. This is certainly the most challenging job I've completed on the car however it wouldn't have been possible without all of the help of lots of people, so thank you! I owe several people beers now... The car is out tomorrow to be dropped off to friends at a local restoration company, the handbrake cable needs changing and I've had enough of crawling around on the ground even if I could sort it. Their high lift will make short work with the great access... Ordered one replacement from Thailand for a great price and to my surprise had two turn up on different days so that was a bonus to now have a spare... Lots still to do, I'm hoping to get an airbox setup sorted out soon enough all being well, strut braces need to make their way back from San Fransisco and I'm getting desperate to upgrade the front brakes in some way however I've rambled on too long as it is already, here's some pictures from my very long day which for the second time in a row ended up finishing in the dark! So here was out big give-away as to where the problems were, no real heat going through the left bank.... IMG_9393 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Messy.... IMG_9403 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Clean IMG_9419 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Fresh! IMG_9420 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Reassembly IMG_9424 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Not taking any chances... Hard to clean a load off as I realised I'd gone a bit mad and didn't want nay finding its way into the intake! IMG_9429 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr All good to go IMG_9434 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Nice run underneath IMG_9387 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr The steering coupler fixer! DA1D76DE-046A-4EAB-A14E-2B7EA6A0CF0C by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr The finished product! (more to come in daylight rather than floodlight) IMG_9439 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr
  7. Well lots of progress made today, its been a damn long and wet day at that however the old exhaust system is now off and the new one fitted up in place.... I'm back on it tomorrow however I've got some more immediate issues to sort, to fit the Racesport manifold into the engine bay I had to remove the steering column to get enough space to squeeze it in, that in itself was fine however I now cannot reconnect it at the top because the poly coupler has expanded pushing the bolts out at an angle so I can't relocate them back into the top of the column. Anyone know how I can compress the coupler or work something out to get this connected and the steering back? The last thing I did tonight was to start the car for the first time, good news was that it fired straight up with some choke, bad news is that its running like an asthmatic dog... I'm guessing it's a combo of full new exhaust, no more K&N's but open trumpets, and that the carbs been removed, thrown around and are out of whack. I'm planning on watching the Ztherapy DVD for guidance but any hints or tips to get it running ok would be much appreciated! I did pick up a carb syncrometer last week at least... Last one is I need to work out where to connect the central exhaust hangar, currently it doesn't seen to meet up with anything obvious In the meantime my temporary fitting assistant the cable tie is helping out... I feel knackered having been scrambling around on the ground all day, and certainly have massive high lift envy of people right now however it proves its still possible. Given that I'm a complete DIY, home taught mechanic when it comes to things like this I'm quite happy with the results so far. Certainly a case of giving things a go and having lots of spare nuts and bolts around and plus gas to cover everything. Short of the suspension its the biggest job on the car that I've tackled yet! IMG_9321 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Definitely got a larger diameter pipe going all the way back now! IMG_9319 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Out with the old and in with the new... IMG_9347 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_9354 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_9360 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr Already hidden away, seems almost criminal... IMG_9373 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr
  8. I really hope you are right, I'm looking forward to testing it all out in anger.... Certainly reassuring 😁
  9. So after some very helpful advice on here I've been starting to crack on with the latest element of the project with our full new exhaust system now here courtesy of Zstory. I still need to have a proper look at it when I get a chance however time hasn't allowed me. On first glance it looks superb though, we've gone all out with the racesport to future proof against my aspirations to build an engine eventually... 2D5651DC-55A7-42E8-8D71-C2A88F4BAF6E by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr E96B71D7-E33F-45F5-AAB9-40D727F14AD2 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr I started to get a bit ahead of myself this evening now that there's some extra daylight available, belated Crimbo present in the form of an ali low lift motorsport spec trolley jack to help matters along and the car is up in the air to crack on with the project. Whilst its not the high lift that I aspire to own it seems to do the job... All seems to be going pretty well so far having covered all of the bolts in Plus Gas, via a small senior moment I got the carbs off tonight and most of the exhaust unbolted, fingers crossed that progress continues and the weather improves! I should get to it in anger from Thursday onwards.... IMG_9277 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr 68FAAC5B-80DA-48F6-9DAD-291928760406 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr IMG_9290 by Mark Woodrow, on Flickr
  10. Interesting, I'll be curious to hear more as to what's changed. The one I linked is awesome on a playful fast road car but not traffic or city friendly. Zgarage seem to come up with some great gear for our cars!
  11. Looks like you're making awesome progress! Assuming we're talking one of the same then I run this OS Giken Super Single clutch/flywheel combo and while its awesome and will take loads of abuse, I'm not sure I'd call it streetable.... https://www.rhdjapan.com/os-giken-super-single-clutch-kit-aluminum-cover-gc10-hr30-c110-c210-s30-s130.html
  12. Hi All, I'm saying hello from rainy England, and hoping to tap into this forum as a great resource of information and people. I'll start by saying that I don't own a Z car and never have although its been my dream classic for quite some time now. Ever since I saw the below linked video on Petrolicious (a couple of years ago now) I decided that I had to have a 240Z. I'm heavily into my MR2's with a 1996 gen3 JDM Turbo model which I've spent the last couple of years transforming my car from stock into a fast road car, and have loved every moment of it (most of the time :-D). This car continues to be used on a daily basis however I've been wanting to get into the classic/vintage car scene for a while with something of an older generation. Ever since I was a kid petrol has flowed through my veins with both me and my dad attending all sorts of car events and meets throughout my life, eventually getting my own hands on my own cars of which I am the current custodian. My dad runs a 1962 Austin Healey 3000 mk2a which inevitably got me into classic cars, we've both enjoyed that car for the last eight years and continue to enjoy it to this day, but I've decided its my turn to join the party so to speak. The 240z seems to be everything I want from a classic sports car with stunning looks, strong performance (for its age), reliability, JDM design etc. I've been saving money as and when possible, however we realized with the way values have gone that I'd need a helping hand to make the dream a reality, so we've decided to make it a father son project and go half's on budget. So what am I looking for? I'm being quite fussy but knowing the time, effort and money that we plan to devote to this project I want to get it just right. We're looking at mainly project cars so we can spec it to our preference, however if the right car came up then I wouldn't say no. The plan is to restore a car as a period styled racer albeit it will be mainly used as a road car. My main 3 criteria are as follows: - Series 1 car, wither 1970 or 71 - Original matching No.'s engine - Colour (Color), factory 918 Orange I'm not sure how many cars would have been produced to this spec, or for that matter how many are left like that however that's my starting point. I can compromise on colour (color) assuming the car needs a full respray however I would really like to find a series one matching no.'s car. I'm looking at West Coast cars and I've got a budget of $30,000 to purchase and restore the car to my spec car before arranging to have the car shipped back to the UK. So question time now to you guys, the experts. - How optimistic am I being with my requirements? - Is my budget reasonable? - Are there any resources I should really be reading? (other than general internet articles) - Are there any contacts worth getting in touch with to help with my search? - Where should I be searching to find cars? I've been trying ebay, craigslist, zcartrader.com, hemmings albeit with limited success. Sorry for all the questions and info at once but would really appreciate all the help and info I can get! Cheers, Mark
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