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  1. The air horn air are the type that slits into the venturi, so yes its fits around the aux venturi. All i did was slit them into the venturi opening and bolt them up. If you may please inform me on how i could have misaligned then the venturi where the fuels main mates? The fuel level looks good at about 25mm.
  2. Hey there guys, I have a 72 Datsun 240Z with a E31 head on N42 block. I'm running Weber 40 DCOE triple side drafts power with a Crane cam 92 ignition. My motor bogs and stalls when I accelerate around the 3 - 4 k rpm range. I would punch the gas again and the engine would sound like its going to die. It was running fine a months ago before i install my air horns. It's also takes more attempt to get the car to start after sitting for more than 3 hrs. Could it be because my air horns are too long? 60MM for the total length of air horn. Or could it be an ignition issue? I'm still learning about my car as i spend time with it. Please, any input will be great!
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