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    1971 240Z. I'm the original owner, and the car has been fully restored.
    1972 240Z. 280ZX engine with headers and SS exhaust system: lowered suspension; 16" Panasport wheels: air conditioning
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  1. I have an early 1971 240Z with a stock suspension and American Racing 14"x7" mesh wheels. I am presently running 195/70R14 Goodyear Eagle tires that have aged out (30 years!) and need replacement. The Goodyears have a slightly smaller diameter than the original Toyo 175HR14 tires so the revs are higher than originally intended (inaccurate speedo as well). I'd like to go to a slightly larger tire to "correct" the speedo and reduce the revs when cruising. A 205/70R14 would fit the bill except that I've heard that with early cars they may rub when making turns. I don't want to do any body mods as I'd like to keep the car body stock. Does anyone have experience with the 205s on their '71 cars? BTW, the original Toyo measures about 25.5" in diameter, and the aspect ratio calculated to be about 83%
  2. Firepower, thanks for your help. I'll attempt tests once my car is out of its' winter cocoon.
  3. Thank you all for the information you provided. I think I've got my answer!!
  4. The oil pressure/water temp gauge on my early '71 240Z no longer works. I've replaced sensors and done all the usual tests for meter deflection (shorting against a ground) and it's kaput; I guess the gauge's voltage regulator. I have purchased a used replacement gauge on ebay that the seller listed as "working". Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can check out the replacement gauge before I start tearing the dashboard apart. I'd hate to go through all the aggravation of installing a broken gauge. Thanks
  5. Does anyone know the thread size for the 240Z water temp sensor? I want to update / replace the gauge but rather not change the fitting on the engine.
  6. The Temp/Oil gauge for my 1971 240Z has become wonky. I've cleaned the (yellow) wire's bullet connector to the water temp sender. However, in the same loom, there was a black wire with an unused female spade connector. Does someone know the purpose of this connector and what it should be attached to? Have I broken a circuit to...something?
  7. Matthew, many thanks for the tire size chart. This discussion got me interested in checking the tires on my 1971 240Z as they may be overdue for replacement; although the cars' Goodyear Eagle +4 (195/70R14) tires look brand new and handle well, they were installed in 1990! I always felt that the engine's RPMs at cruise had increased since replacing the original Toyos with the Goodyears, so I measured the circumference of my never-used OEM spare, a Toyo Radial Z-1 175HR14 inflated to 35 psi. The measurement was 80.25", which if my calculations are correct yields an aspect ratio of 84, slightly higher than the other measurements in this discussion. In any case, the high RPM mystery has been solved, and I may choose new tires that are closer to the diameter of the Toyos. This leads to the following question, would it be possible to upsize to a 205/70R14 without any clearance problems on a '71 240Z? I have 7" ARE wheels and a stock suspension.
  8. As of this date (6/26/2012) butterscotch colored seat covers, and the vinyl diamond pattern tunnel and shock tower covers are available from Classic Datsun. Call Les at (760) 940-6365 for details. Finally, I'll be able to complete my '71 240Z resto!
  9. I am the original owner of a '71 240Z and am getting too decrepit to work on the car myself. Are there any 240Z owners on Long Island (NY) that can recommend a shop to take care of repairs, troubleshoot, etc. If I go to m local Nissan dealers, I find that the car is older than most of the repair technicians! The car has only 55K miles, but the original parts are breaking down due to age --much like its' owner. I haven't seen any 240s around here for a LONG time!
  10. Robert Bohl


    The tachometer in my '71 240Z always reads about 200 r.p.m. low, but works OK otherwise. Is there an adjustment, resistor, sender, etc. that can be replaced to correct the readings? I don't want to yank the tach out, or replace the unit just for an error problem. R. Bohl
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