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  1. It sums it up. But, since my wife is a psychologist, I thought I'd ask her for a few more characteristics. Here's her list, see what fits. disregard for feelings of others a lack of remorse or shame easily lies to achieve goals egocentric Dennis
  2. Fresh off the printer Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk
  3. Glad you found that, should work great! You can imitate the old tough guys and strike a match off the bottom of your shoe.
  4. I finally found some grip tape that will serve me well I think. I tried some from the hardware store, but felt like it is not rough enough, it has worn down already. This tape is X-Coarse Anti Slip Tape High Grip Adhesive Backed. It was the coarsest I could find, and cheaper than the full skateboard size. It is 50mm X 1 meter, so I'll not have to cut it out, just trim it off. I ordered it from the UK. I have a pair of shoes that work perfect, and I plan to put a matching piece if the tape on the ball of the foot, to the front edge of the shoe. Then just wear the left shoe, using it against the pedal that is covered with the same tape. And changing the shoe when I get out of the car. I do believe I will not slip at all that way. Posting this for the several who offered ideas, to let you all know the latest. More later on how effective this is.
  5. Well, people like you and I understand and can appreciate what they are for, but many in the younger generation, who judge others by how things appear, would probably think you are posing as some kind of expert racer or supercar owner, or some other pretentious thing. That's not a bad thing, as long as they don't make a scene because of it. It's probably a rare situation too, if you usually hang out with the classic crowd...
  6. thank you. i found a few that are close to my serial #. nearest i can find puts me at january 1972
  7. I had knit-back leather gloves for cycling, and I just about wore them out. They were comfortable, and your hands stayed cool and dry. Then I got a job, and they went into the drawer with the cycling stuff, and dried out, and I had to give them to the big plastic recycling bin. I recently bought some of these: http://www.kucharikclothing.com/leather-tan-knit-back-cycling-glove-p-631.html
  8. I would run the 5-50. Still reasonably pourable at low temperatures but still has lots of protection when it warms up...I would have no concerns about running that here in the Southern US and our avg temperatures are much higher than yours
  9. I have the E88 head, shaved .040 shimed towers. I also think that it depends on your head but not sure. But thats what they said regarding the stage 3, that they send 175. My friend used a N42 instead of his P79 and the 175 Pads were a bit on the small side. So i hope my 190 will be perfect but i dont know untill next week when i get my head back from the shop. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic12e04/10-2041
  10. the weather here is still holding out on the cold, wet side. perfect for painting. i have only painted 1 other car before, and that was with single stage paint. this is a base-clear, so it is a kind of practice session, so i decided to do the engine bay first. the base went on a bit dry, so there is some orange peel. over-all i am pleased. the body comes next week-end. base coat before clear after clear (sorry for the blurry pic)
  11. My phones been chirping all night. Just figured out why. I mistakenly hit the "notify me of replies" when I hit the "submit reply" button. I'll have to more careful when I'm using my phone. Fat fingers!
  12. Hi all, I've been busy this week making a few updates around here. The biggest change you'll notice is our new theme. Hope you like it. I also added a link to our legacy site to the top navigation menu. On the back-end, I added a new club fundraiser, updated our SSL certificate for purchases, and moved a few menu items around. I am also looking at new logos and you'll see one of the new ideas in the upper left. Lastly, I have moved some ads around and updated the Home page. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. Thank you! Mike
  13. Five years ago, waves from the devastating tsunami that struck Japan’s eastern coast swept Masayuki Watanabe’s 1971 Toyota Corolla from its garage. Today, he got that car back. The Corolla, a TE25 1400SR Coupe, was moved by as much as 30 … Continue reading →
  14. It certainly was a different time. Even the pit crew guys Going over the BRE Z are nicely dressed. Gotta love the white pants. Dennis
  15. Too bad people don't dress beautifully like that today. The man has a button-front shirt (with a pocket,) pants, a woool/herringbone jacket, leather dress shoes, and most likely a belt, in stead of baggy khaki cargo shorts and a long T-shirt. He is also clean-shaven. The lady has a (very short) dress, and a jacket with a scarf. Did you read the text? No one talks or writes in English that well any more; the word 'like' is not used even once! I have a copy of Playboy's Guide to Rallying, Racing, and Sports Car Driving- there aren't any women in it. I also have a scan of Sports clothes for your Sports Car, by John Weitz, which documents sports car/racing clothes back in the early 1950s/1960s.
  16. I bet this guy wears driving gloves.
  17. There is a functional aspect to the gloves for sure. In my case, the Z no longer has the original thin smooth steering wheel and the Miata has a thicker padded wheel that is a bit grippy on its own so the need for additional grip is reduced. For me the style aspect is not high on my list but for street use does outweigh any functional need. I like what I consider a somewhat erstwhile look and the romance of the "old days" when "motoring" was a thrill and a more esoteric pursuit than it is today. All I need is a flat cap and a picnic basket with lunch and a bottle of wine in the boot (and maybe a long scarf flying in the wind) and the look will be complete.