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2 hours ago, wal280z said:

I'm really surprised you didn't cut notches out at the bottom base to accept a pallet dolly. I don't have one yet, seems Santa has put me on ignore for the last few decades.....

I really wanted them to be semi permanent so I could pull on the vise all I want and not have them slide around. There is so little room in my shop now that there is nowhere else to move them. :blush:

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14 hours ago, Captain Obvious said:

Putting in pallet cutouts is a really neat idea. Just because you CAN move them around with a pallet jack doesn't mean you HAFF to. Do you have a pallet jack?

And out of curiosity... Why are you raising them up in the first place? Because you're so darn tall?   LOL

Nope don't own a pallet jack. I have a skidsteer with a set of forks, so I doubt I will ever feel a need for one.

Yes because I am so tall!!! LOL Helps keep from bending so much and aggravating the back. :cry: the lower table would be nice for larger items or really heavy items, but I think the higher level will work better. Plus the bottom drawer is now about 9" off the floor. The finished top is about 36" AFF so, counter height 

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