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RIP Victor Laury

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Hi all,

I am saddened to read on Facebook that Victor Laury has passed.  Victor was a long time Datsun fanatic and he helped build our club in the 'early' days.  He was known to us as @Victor Laury and was one of the most helpful people I knew.  He was a moderator and brought a huge ray of sunshine to our collection of pixels, 1's, and 0's.  Victor was featured on our club years ago, and he drove 4 different Datsuns in his daily life.  I raise a glass to Victor and wish him godspeed on his trip to Heaven, knowing that he will be driving in the sunshine with the top down.  He was an inspiration to me and I treat every day as a privilege to be on this Earth.

Victor, if you are reading this, we will miss you dearly and our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.  Enjoy your special place in Heaven and we will meet again someday.

:cry:  Moderator Mike  :bunny:

PS:  I will never forget our common love for Faye Valentine.  RIP my friend!



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5 minutes ago, Montezuma said:


RIP Victor, it was a pleasure to know you.  This was one of his vehicles as well; he gave it away on this site almost 12 years ago.  I responded first and got it for my buddy, he recently gave it to another buddy who owns a paint/body/customs shop.  The new owner wants to get it ready for JCCS this year, this news will motivate him more to have it there to represent.

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Very sad to hear this news. Victor was somebody I admired and looked up to from afar. 

My sincere condolences to his family and friends.

If anybody has any news regarding a memorial service or related event, please let us know.

Thank you.



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Bkecause of my detachment from the Datsun hobby, I didn't know of Victor's passing.  He was a good friend back in my Datsun days.  Like the Datsun hobby, I also lost track of Vic as wall as the many other great people whom the hobby brought into my life. Vic and I go back to the days of 510 Again (The national Datsun 510 Club) if anyone remembers that.  Forgive me if this video has already been posted somewhere on this site.

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