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  • Mike

    Member Spotlight: Victor Laury

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    Hi all, Victor Laury and his passion for Datsun has been a legend to most of us in the community. Victor has a long time history at the Classic Zcar Club, selflessly volunteering his time to help other members as well as took time to moderate in our forums. He has been involved in building communities, working with local events such as the Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, he also kept our event gallery full of images, and he was a vital part of the club's growth. Victor is also an avid photographer and has uploaded many photos to our club gallery and has a lot of images on his own personal photo gallery.

    Victor drove 4 Datsuns:


    A beautiful yellow Z 72 HLS30:


    An original orange 510:


    Gorgeous yellow roadster 70 SRL311:


    And a Blue 71 PL521 pickup:


    It looks like Victor has has recently gone through some medical issues. We wanted to show our sincere appreciation for the work that he's done around the club. Victor, here's to you and your family during this time of need. We will keep you in our prayers. :bunny::bunny::bunny::bunny:

    Peter Brock has added some information about a raffle event to raise money for Victors expenses. All of the raffle entries and donations will go to support Victor medical expenses. The winner of the raffle will be awarded with the keys to his Roadster. Here's a little more about Victor's situation from Peter's site:

    A friend in need: We all love our cars but what makes being a "car guy" (that refers to us ladies too) so special is that our cars bring us together and make us a warm and caring family. You have a great car you're in the family, automatically! Victor Laury is a member of that family. He's had every kind of Datsun imaginable. Everyone says the same thing about Victor, a great guy that helps everybody.

    (PLEASE NOTE:  Above fundraiser is over and the car was sold)

    Edited by Mike

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