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Introducing ourselves formally to the Classic Z Car Forum - Datsun Spirit Inc.

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For some of you Datsun Spirit may be a familiar name, for others this may be the first time your learning of this shop. Eiji however, Datsun Spirit's founder is a legend in the Z Car community with his orange, slide carb, 240ZG. Datsun Spirit offers various parts for L Series motors, from our custom piston and rods to full on part restorations. Utilizing Eiji's knowledge and passion of L Series motors Datsun Spirit has created top quality products that speak for themselves in the Z car community. We are committed to bringing additional products to the Z market and over the next few months we will be updating our products catalog to showcase just that. Please visit us at Datsun Spirit, Inc. | over the coming weeks to see what we've been up to.

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I met Eiji when I was a member of the Z Car Club of Northern Virginia. Sometimes he brought some of his interesting toys to the club meetings. I would also see him running his car up and down Prince William Parkway. He is the real deal. I'm not sure who made the original post, though. Whomever it was has not come back since.

Guy, aka Diseazed, knows him well.

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What is your 1/4 mile official record? Any winning awards at the show? credential as a mechanic? Is this a shop or a shop out of a storage. Very curious as a customer. No offence. More info will help........

So - "Kobe Beef" wants more information about Richie and Eiji. Sorry, but that just struck me as funny… LOL

I do agree - that Richie should have been introducing himself - as lots of us know Eiji. Some of the information suggested should be found on their Web Site.


Carl B.

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