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  1. We have received a lot of interest on our new heat shield, many of you have asked for photos so we thought we would just include some below. Also as a note our version 2 heat shield will fit almost any combination of carbs on an L6.
  2. Attention Triple Weber Carb L6 Owners, Datsun Spirit Inc. has developed version two of our popular triple carb heat shield. Our latest version supports triple Weber DCOE, OER, Delortos and Throttle Body Fuel Injection setup on the L6 engine. The heat shield is custom made by our shop to have a precise fit, rigid support, and superior function. The brackets are zinc plated to resist corrosion and superior look. We will continue to offer our version one heat shield that supports triple Solex/Mikuni carbs as well. We are offering a group by for the initial offering of our newly redesigned heat shield at a reduced entry price and with free shipping to the lower 48 States. Deposits will be taken at the time of order with shipment beginning (January 2015) after the minimum number of preorders is met. The group buy special pricing will be $115 with free shipping to the lower 48 states. If at any time you chose to no longer participate your deposit is 100% refundable. To signup please contact us at sales@datsunspirit.com and mention "Heat Shield Group Buy" in your subject.
  3. For some of you Datsun Spirit may be a familiar name, for others this may be the first time your learning of this shop. Eiji however, Datsun Spirit's founder is a legend in the Z Car community with his orange, slide carb, 240ZG. Datsun Spirit offers various parts for L Series motors, from our custom piston and rods to full on part restorations. Utilizing Eiji's knowledge and passion of L Series motors Datsun Spirit has created top quality products that speak for themselves in the Z car community. We are committed to bringing additional products to the Z market and over the next few months we will be updating our products catalog to showcase just that. Please visit us at Datsun Spirit, Inc. | over the coming weeks to see what we've been up to.
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