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  1. Nice work Zed Head. We did not realize that you made nice pieces! Perfect for show car! Ours are made exactly the same bracket as Japanese early S31 rear bumper bracket including hole patterns. Front ones are made so that you don't have to drills any holes. And it is the same gauge metal as factory one which mounts to the factory threaded holes on the car. Our parts are made for people in US who just wants to get rid of big bumpers and install 240z bumpers in the easiest way. I but I really like yours! Nice!
  2. Finally we made these brackets that DOES NOT require any cutting or modification to fit 240Z bumpers. In Japan, all the cars made between 1969-1978 have early 240Z bumpers. However for US market, Nissan did heavy body modification to clear strict "5 mile-bumper" rule and fitted bog bumpers. These kit give those who wants to have JDM/Euro look to their car an option! Precision cut, bend, and drilled by latest technology using OEM gauge metal. http://jdm-car-parts.com/products/240z-front-bumper-conversion-bracket-kit-for-us-1974-78-datsun-260z-280z http://jdm-car-parts.com/products/280z-rear-bumper-bracket-conversion-kit-for-us-1974-78-datsun-260z-280z-late-s31 These will be available from Motorsport Auto from this week!
  3. Hello Folks, It's been a while since I posted anything on this forum....but I am back! This is one of very few GT33 car with only 23K miles that we did mild restoration to maintain its originality last summer (2015) Please enjoy a piece of history! http://jdm-car-parts.com/blogs/movies-by-jdm-car-parts-com/articles?cache=false&preview_key=6887dbe167055f09dadabe8b78ea0ec7
  4. Mounting hardware is available just like original ones. And head light cover set will be available in late Spring.
  5. We will be reproducing them within next 8 months, it will be 1971- production type. So stay tune! Jay Ataka
  6. We will present Phantom Z sport wagon and another special Z at Japanese Claasic Car Show in Long Beach CA in Sep 19. See you there!
  7. That is Phantom Z Sport Wagon I built with Matsuo San.
  8. Thank you very much for your info! I would like to buy this magazine if I could figure out the title and year/issue. I really like to find the car too! It would be our Phantom Z Sport Wagon's relative!
  9. Wow I never knew this custom car existed! I sincerely understand how this gentleman went through difficult time managing body line and side window height and curve. It is not easy. I never thought of putting rear-end from another car, since Mr. Matsuo's order was that the car must be recognized as"Z car" from rear view. And this one looks like a combination of Mr. Yoshida's 2 seater wagon design and Mr. Matsuo's 4 seater wagon design and I like it. Where is this car now? Around when was this car built? Very curious!
  10. Thank you! We have some left and they are on Ebay. Also we have US tail lamp blem units on Ebay for $199 as well! Good for you! big loss for us,,,,,,
  11. Z logo is blue on regular Fairlady, while Z432 came with Red without horn symbol.
  12. Chrome tip is temporary discontinued since people ask us for exact welding position VS their muffler VS bumper position. This is a trouble free replacement for everyone.
  13. Sure! We try our best reproducing quality parts!
  14. Thank you! It would be great for people who love original looking Z!
  15. Thank you. But my question is are the glasses different shape at the bottom? Could early ones be fitted on later ones? I am looking for new ones for 77-78 2+2.
  16. Now we have affordable horn pad from Japan for 240Z cars now! We have JDM "Fairlady Z" type and "Datsun" type. (Die cast crest as original) http://jdm-car-parts.com/search?q=horn+pad&submit= They are also available at Motorsport Auto! Some private parts suppliers in US and Japan sell replacement ring for repair, but the fact is that form inside the horn is usually too old and falls apart when you mount or remove it off the steering wheel even after replacing the inner ring.
  17. We have now selection of NOS nuts and bolts directly imported from Japan. These are not cad-plated nor yellow zinc. All the hardware that originally came with 240Z cars were chromate-finish. The highest grade Chromate finished hardware is very hard to come even in Japan. So far we have: -Inspection lid clip screw set (Almost Impossible to find the original ones in US) -Strut tower nuts and lock washers -Rear hatch + screws with special locking washers -M6 bolt kit to cover most areas. -Luggage strap screws and storage lid screws -Door lach and dove tail screws and special locking washers If you have any other recommendation, we will import them directly from factories in Japan. Take a look at our hardware available today! http://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/hardware-parts-nissan-datsun-fairlady-z-240z-260z-280z-280zx
  18. We finally made stock type reproduction muffler and down pipe for 240Z! http://jdm-car-parts.com/blogs/news/15973536-original-oem-type-muffer-and-down-pipe-finally-launched We built the muffler based up on early type! All hand made in U.S.A. Muffler tip is high quality chromed stainless steel ! They are also available at Motorsport Auto! More story about early and later type muffler…. http://jdm-car-parts.com/blogs/news/16149728-fact-about-factory-muffler-on-early-datsun-240z
  19. I know that there are Clear glass ones and blue glass ones. I am looking for brand new ones for 1977-1978 2+2. And I found ones for 1974-5. I know regulators are different between early type and later type.
  20. I need to figure out if the door windows are the same between 1974-76 model ad 77-78 model. I know the doors and mechanism are completely different.
  21. It looks nice! However, not as good as "Gold Medallion" at all. Not even close….. Sorry, I had to say that.
  22. Reproduction ones are coming up in a month or so, so stay tune! Cheers,
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