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To Stripe or Not To Stripe?


To Stripe or Not to Stripe?  

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  1. 1. To Stripe or Not to Stripe?

    • Keep the Stripe, it's retro-cool.
    • Take it Off Eh, i like it naked.

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Hey Folks,

I'm torn. I can't decide whether I want to keep the stripes on or take them off. I know it is a matter of personal preference, but your opinions are welcome and may tip the scales.




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On that black car, equipped as pictured, I prefer stripe-less. The stripe (to me) tends to distract from the smooth overall look with the covered lights and all.

But that's just my opinion...

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I like the stripeless look on this car also. The car looks great with the headlight covers, aftermarket wheels and black paint, but for some reason, by adding the stripe the car then becomes too "busy". For me anyhow. Maybe for you too...thus the poll question?

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Yeah, I think the stripe makes the car look too busy... trying too hard, essentially.

Let me put it this way - would you roll your eyes if your buddy was talking about putting stickers on the side of his Honda Civic?

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I like stripes on many Zs. But I think that black one would look better without. Black car, chrome headlight trim, chrome mirrors and the flashy rims makes a good look. The added contrast of the white stripes is to much, IMHO.

I did a bit cleaner stripe removal in Photoshop.


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