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  1. Hey guys, I hope this isn't out of line, but I'm in the process of cleaning out the garage, which includes some Z parts I have. Didn't want you to miss out on these wheels if you want them. Vintage Alloy Wheel Set 4 x 4 5 14 inch 240Z Triumph Others | eBay I put a ridiculously low reserve on them that has already been met, so they will sell. I've also got a pair of door panels (1970-1973 240Z) that I never unwrapped. They were purchased from Motorsports. Retail price on them is about $660, so if you make me an offer I can't resist, I'd like to get these out too. Some other nic/nacks 1. Clutc
  2. It sounds like your throw out bearing or pressure plate may be bad. I'd guess the throw out bearing. Or, it could be that the pressure plate is not fully disengaging and the sound you hear is the pressure plate grinding against the clutch plate. Obviously not moving enough to allow you to shift easily. You may can adjust the slave cylinder to allow the transmission to drop into reverse easier, but I'm not sure it will make the sound go away. It's also strange that it gets louder when you shift it into gear. I'm not sure what's going on there. Search the board for slave cylinder adjustments. I
  3. Some random thoughts: 1. If the valve was bent because you set the clearance in error, it would still make the noise whether the spark plug was connected or not. Just disconnecting the wire would not straighten the valve or stop if from hitting the top of the piston. 2. Based on your pressure readings, this shouldn't be it, but I was thinking that perhaps one of the rocker arms is off or the spring came free/isn't seated well. Suggest starting over with your valve setting and give it another try. Make sure all the rockers are seated properly and the springs are seated properly.
  4. Carl, if you need a heater core, let me know. I think I may have one. Bob
  5. I've had five. One (911) is in the garage currently. Next??? Do I hear six?
  6. Rich Great seeing you at the show and the other ZCCIV members! Felt like a reunion, since I haven't been out to Temecula since Fred's service. Boy, reading this thread just made me breath a sigh of relief. I enjoyed the shows, especially meeting and chatting with Z people, but the show part just lost it's luster after a while. As you know, I didn't miss it. I'm not sure if the "peer judging" didn't make it even worse this year. At least when it was people's choice, as long as the giving out of ballots was controlled (which they didn't) at least there was some dilution of voting blocks, but wit
  7. Congrats Rich! Well deserved. May have to get another one someday. Always looking!
  8. I've got a set of 4 of the non-deep dish style if you decide to give up finding the deep dish. Good luck with your search.
  9. Here's the bottom line...the mechanics, engine, drive-line, suspension, are bullet proof. The electrics are great and superior to British or German sports cars of the same era. The weakness is rust in the body and chassis. If the frame is rotted out, then the mechanics don't really matter. Get the car with the least amount of rust and anything else is an easy and reasonably priced fix for the most part.
  10. Hey Rich, I'm sorry if you took what I said as discouragement. Didn't mean it that way. I was just sharing my prior experiences. I was at the Muck one year and one of the judges walked up and said she grew up in Detroit and remembered how much she hated Japanese cars when she was young. That was her greeting to me! Along with my 1970, I had a Vintage Z at the time that came in third!!! They judged on the amount of work the owner did on his car versus the car's originality or finish. I believe it's very important to get these cars out to shows if they are ever going to be accepted and increase
  11. bobc


    Bittersweet day here. I helped pack my Z up to go to its new home in New York. I feel like I've lost an old friend. She served me so well. 7 first places, 2 seconds, never left us stranded and if something needed to be fixed, it was just a new part or a wrench or two and it was as good as new. To all the many friends I've made on this board and at shows, clubs, etc. thank you for the friendship and the great memories. I'll continue to drop into the board and go to shows as I still love the cars. And, if you see the perfect 1972 lemon-lime Z out there, drop me a line because I'd probably have
  12. Sorry Big Sugar, I wish I had made a copy of mine, but it went with all the materials I had with the car when I sold it. As I recall, it wasn't that detailed in many areas. Hope someone can help you. You might try Jim Frederick in Lutz, Florida, if you can reach him. He probably owns more of the Vintage Program cars than anyone else.
  13. gaZdoc, I think I know that car and the owner, Lance, well. I almost purchased it before he did in San Diego. He kept it original for a while and then dropped in the rebello motor. The paint was all original when he bought it except the drivers door that had a repaint, but didn't look bad at all. I think it has a dash cap now, but when Lance bought it, the dash had no cracks. Within a couple of months of his purchase he was going over some railroad tracks and "Crack!" Anyway, you got a good one from a great owner that did the right things to his cars and kept them up nicely. Enjoy the Ride!
  14. want one already finished? Randy can tell you about mine!
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