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  1. I just came back from the movie and I thought I would make sure that someone had made a post about it. I didn't even notice that one in the crowd that you have pictured. I did however spot four others spaced throughout the Tokyo scenes. I was amazed that they gave the Z that much attention. It was really cool. (It was also hard not to yell out "240z!" every time I saw one!) I highly enjoyed the movie. Although there was a little too much Mater for my taste. John
  2. That is pretty sweet. '70s Corvette Stingray comes to mind when I see it from behind. Post some pics of the soft top up! Keep it in the family, its sentimental value is far too great. John
  3. 1970Datsun240z

    SIR in the Rain

    Wow, great picture. That is a sweet Z. John
  4. Hello, I'm Franco from Italy.

    I have to install a new weaterstrip kit for 240Z

    I just want to ask if the kit you have bought from blackdragon is perfect, or you have to make adjustments.


    Who is the manufacturer of the kit which sells blackdragon?

    What is written on the packaging, codes? names?

    The weatherstrip for windshield and rear window, accept the profiles / trim steel / chrome?

    As a manufacturer of weatherstrip, exist for 240Z?




  5. That is one of the best "modern" S30s that I've seen. Great Work.
  6. The 4x4 Z and the restored Z next to each other in the snow.
  7. The 4x4 Z and the restored Z next to each other in the snow.
  8. Hmmmm... Yeah I can't decide. Both beautiful. It seems as though you should be able to talk down the 2009 model since you can get the 2010 for that price, even with the 2009 having the Touring package. Good luck with your decision! John
  9. 1970Datsun240z


    Love the paint scheme!!!
  10. Hey again, I took the L24 is all apart and it is beautiful! It looks like it was rebuilt and then just sat. So I'm going to get all new gaskets, maybe new rings for the pistons, it's in such good shape I don't know what else there is to do!!! :classic: It still has the scratches in the cylinder walls from them being honed! I also found a plate on it that you can see in the last picture. I looked them up online and they are an engine remanufacturing place. I'm going to try and get ahold of them to see what they can tell me about the engine since it has a number on the plate. I also contacted a machine shop near by and they are going to look my head over for cracks and check the valves and all that. There are some numbers on the end of cam: DA 272 2 1c CRANE -NC 168-29-81 x And then actually on the cam it has: D2 and CWC Do those mean anything to you guys? I scrubbed the block down (second to last pic) and I hope to paint it pretty soon. Thanks, John
  11. 1970Datsun240z


    I like the white 240z stripe. Gives a rally car look. Verry nice. John
  12. Thanks a bunch for the info. It Really helps. It might not be for a little while but when I take the L24 apart I'll post some pictures. Who knows what I'll find in there! John
  13. Thank you I just saw that. One thing I don't understand is why use the L28 pistons? Aren't they supposed to be dished and the L24 has flat tops? Maybe I'm understanding wrong but I thought flat tops would be better. John edit- I just realized that the L24 pistons probably don't fit in the L28 block so unless you get new pistons you have to use the L28 pistons if you use the L28 block.
  14. The block on the L24 is a P30. Also, on the topic of gas mileage. I am getting like 14-15 mpg. Quite miserable. Is this just because my engine is on its way out or is there another problem? My dad and I just rebuilt my SUs and they are working quite amazingly now but my gas mileage is still bad. Thanks, John
  15. Hey all, I tried searching a bunch before starting this thread but I still don't quite have answers that I need. I have two engines: Block-l28,N42 Head-N42 (in the car now with SUs) Block-l24 Head-N42 I have to double check the block casting number on the l24 engine but it was out of a 1971 240z. The l28 in it now is showing signs of well... Being a 35 year old engine. I want to rebuild one of these engines but which one? I don't want to do anything that crazy as money is an issue. I read that using some of the parts from the l24 and into the l28 is an idea?? Also, is the N42 a good head? Should I try to look for an E31, P79, etc? Anyone know of an engine shop that has done Datsun engines up here in the Northwest? The closer to North Idaho the better. I bought the 1971 240z as my parts car and it had quite a few high performance items on it. I have no idea what has been done to the engine. It would have been a nice car itself except it sat for a few years and really rusted. I plan on taking the engine all apart sometime soon. Would you guys be able to tell what has been done to it with just pictures? Thank you all sooooo much for looking at this topic once again. John
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