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  1. A couple of T Shirt designs I had made up. http://www.redbubble.com/people/garage72/collections/454681-datsun-designs
  2. Still alive. Still have the 240z. It's still in pieces. It's a problem of time, money and motivation.
  3. I read that Mr Tamura passed away last month. R.I.P. Kumeo Tamura 1944.2.28 - 2015.4.16 Thank you for your excellent work on the S30.
  4. A sad day for Z fans everywhere. http://www.wsj.com/articles/nissans-father-of-the-z-dies-aged-105-1424510374
  5. Is the battery fully charged? could be a low voltage issue. I'd also check that your ignition switch isn't faulty. Mine had an issue where it if you turned the key all the way cranking would stop, but if you carefully turned the key and stopped turning it any further once cranking started it would continue cranking until you let go when the engine started. Maybe hook up a remote start button that you often find in tuning/timing kits to the starter to rule out whether its the key switch or a starter/solenoid issue.
  6. Last price I saw was around $14,500. But true to form, the seller cancelled the listing ( Skyline C110 Datsun 240K KPGC110 GTR GT R Kenmeri Nissan FOR R32 R33 R34 R35 | eBay ), and relisted it for $25,000 buy it now. Skyline C110 Datsun 240K KPGC110 GTR GT R Kenmeri Nissan FOR R32 R33 R34 R35 | eBay
  7. Grill should be metallic gray Considering he'd send it somewhere where it would sell for $20,000 to $30,000.
  8. This site quantifies prices and sales..... on Ebay only. It also doesn't take into account cars that "sell" but the buyer never pays, and the car is relisted again. I see the same sub $1000 car listed twice because the sale never went through the first time. Not a particularly accurate overall price guide I would imagine.
  9. Yeah, I wondered if it was the same guy. I couldn't recall his ebay name. I remember the bronze coupe he had. IIRC he got it cheap, and was trying to make a big profit flipping it on ebay. He'd cancel the listing on the last day if the price hadn't reached his expected price (even though he didn't have an ebay reserve set).
  10. I'd guess between 15 and 20 thousand. Interested to see if the seller agrees to sell it for what it reaches in auction, if less than the 30K he wants.
  11. Couple of new coupes on ebay this week. White one looks good and has gtr bits to go with it. Seller has been pestered with buy in now price emails, so said he would tak offeres over 30K for it. Hopefully he lets the auction run so we can see what sort of bids it attracts. Other one is a silver coupe with horrible flares (IMHO). Already been messed around by a dreamer and had to relist it.
  12. Renting out your car as a wedding car? I'd be worried you'd rent it out and never see it again. Or do you mean selling a 240K sedan? FYI in UAE this sedan would be worth north of $20,000. eg: http://www.carindubai.com/ads/1977-nissan-skyline-gt/ 75,000 AED = 22,500 AUD (approximately)
  13. Hi Alan, wasn't the A suffix added to distinguish the L20A from the earlier L20 (1966 to 196?), which had a different valve cover design? Wikipedia (for want of a better source) tells me the L20B didn't debut 1974, yet from what I can tell the L20A was called that earlier than 1974.
  14. Apparently there is a wire that acts as the ballast resistor. See aarc240's post about half way down this page: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/open-240k-discussion/15159-electronic-igniton-240k.html#post173861
  15. I just went to classiczcars.com without the www and got the parrallels plesk server default page. Thought the site was down or something. Added the www and it worked fine. Might want to put a redirect to www if people dont put it in.
  16. SW Motorsport is the go to Z guy in NSW. - SW Motorsport check out Auszcar | Datsun 240z 260z & 280zx (2+2) Club of Australia for other suggestions.
  17. Current winning bidder has -1 feedback. Agree, could probably make 10K.
  18. Yeah I got that a bit by looking at the gold one. Couldn't find any official references from Nissan saying it was inspired by the 510, though I really didn't look too hard. I was hoping the new concept would be inspired by the CSP311 in some way. Looking at the IDx freeflow and the IDx Nismo, (apart from the BRE style livery). I cant really see anything 510 about it. Will be interesting to see if/how it transitions into a production version.
  19. Datsun 510 inspired concept for the Tokyo Motor show: NEWS: Nissan?s IDx Freeflow is the Datsun 510 reborn | Japanese Nostalgic Car
  20. I don't think it will look anything like that artists impression. To sum up the rumours i've heard about the new sports car concept or possible next Z for the Tokyo Motor Show: There will be 2 new cars revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, one a near production version of a sports car (either a new Z or an 86 competitor) , and a more wild concept car (that has already been revealed to be the BladeGlider) New sports car will be based on the Juke 1.6 turbo platform. New Z may have a smaller capacity engine. Have heard criticism that the Z34 doesn't have the same look as other Nissan cars, and the next Z/sports car will have more styling cues in common with other model Nissans. (Seems to be a trend Japanese cars makers are following at the moment eg: Mazda, Toyota). The new car will take inspiration from an old model. Again, these are just things I've read on the net the last couple of months.
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