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MiniLite 14x6 never mounted - must go..

Carl Beck

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Before I put them on E-Bay I thought I'd offer them here.

If anyone here wants a set of period correct MiniLites for their 240Z, I have a new set, never mounted. MiniLite makes limited runs of these wheels only when they receive larger bulk orders. I believe these were produced in the 80's.

They are 14"x6" with lug nuts and center caps. $850.00 plus shipping

This is the wheel that Panasport copied...

PM me or E-mail me at beck@becksystems.com if you want them.


Carl B.


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Thanks guys. I'm sure there is a home for them out there somewhere.

Carl B.

Yes and it would have likely been here in Texas too , but I am hard looking for some 15's (90%) or 16's (10%) to get these China wheels and tires off my car.

Got any other sizes hiding in the back forty storage :)!

Thanks as always.

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Oh come on Kirk, you know you love those wheels, I am willing to bet you could sell them. they are not bad looking, and are practically new.

Well they aren't "terrible bad" but they aren't "better bigger gooder" either :classic:!

A buddy of mines car looks gooder and so I have to upgrade, so that it upholds the image of Cowboys in Jap cars LOL at the mostly all American car show.

Whew - keeping up with the Jonses is hard to do in Texas where everything is bigger and better ...uhh, and gooder. I mean they have guys down here that build stuff to fly in Outer Space for christsakes! :alien:

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Such a good price that it hurts...

Just got a new car and my fun budget is diminished for the time being...otherwise these would look amazing on the '77...

Hmmm....how could I position myself as a charity to give you a tax receipt...

Place them in a good home...

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Hi Rolf:

"Offset" is not marked on the wheels, so I've had to measure "Backspace" and calculate "offset" from there.

Offset on the 14x5 inch OEM steel wheel is 0.59 inch (15mm) positive. Add 1/2 inch for rim thickness and you have a backspace of 3.59 inch (91.186mm).

The 14x6 Minilite's have an offset of 1.25 inch (31.75mm) positive. Add 1/2 inch for rim thickness and you have a backspace of 4.125 inch (104.775mm).

In effect - of the additional inch of width, 0.535 inch is added toward the inside of the car and 0.465 inch is added to the outside.

The typical 14x7 inch wheels for the 240Z's are advertised as "0" offset. So that would give you a 4 inch backspace.

Hope that answers your question.

Carl B.

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