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  1. Unless I missed a link to a gallery, I'd suggest a lot more photos of all the critical spots (floors?)...
  2. hi,

    currently living in holland landing.

    just wondering if you still live in bradford.

    havent seen too many other z's around lately.

  3. Both have rust and it always goes beyond what has been identified/fixed. On #1: rust on passenger door, hatch and fuel door but not on frame rails, battery tray and floor? Possible: yes, likely: not very. On #2: frame rails fixed. Depends on how thorough the job was and what other problems there are. Again, not likely the rust was limited to just the frame rails but slitly more possible than the case above. Either, get a good look at the underside of the cars before spending any money.
  4. www.searchtempest.com Allows you to search multiple Craigslist locations at once. Pretty handy site.
  5. Had a similar issue on my 240Z...the description on the 280 above is similar. Had to play with mine a bit including a bit of hammer work but what seemed to make a difference was rotating the half-shaft and trying to pry off from different angles. Once I found the right angle it popped off. Good luck.
  6. Jeeesssusss.... Swollen hand, bumps on the knee and head...from that? Amazing. Whoever made sure the safety setup was in shape deserves a medal (or a beer). Good thing John isn't 6'4"....
  7. I'd guess not a vacuum issue...power supplied but sounds like engine isn't running so no vacuum....
  8. http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showpost.php?p=335415&postcount=99 722 participants Car count 300+ (unofficial #'s will be higher as there were numerous unregistered vehicles)...
  9. Gotta ask why the second login? http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/member.php?u=19298
  10. All you need is a screwdriver and possibly an adjustable wrench to change out those fuel lines. Do a search and make sure to de-pressurize the fuel system (or you'll be wearing some...) Easy stuff...
  11. Absolutely awesome time at ZCON...big thanks to all the organizers and volunteers (particularly the very patient judges who walked some of us car show neophytes through the process and scoring) as well as the great Nissan personnel who kept us hydrated and cool. The hotel was very good (the pool although very cold, was very welcome...) and the off-site events all worthwhile. Having a little more flexibility on capacities for the organized dinners might have been welcome, but if that is the worst criticism I can come up with, I don't have much to criticize at all...job well done. Agree on the name tags...a number of people had "aka" to their names, but not enough (myself included). That responsibility sits with the participants, not the organizers. At least Bonzi Lon had his vanity plate which made his easier...learning for next time... Rides were long but not bad with the T-roofs out...11.5 hrs seat time / 14 hrs clock time (outlet shopping for the missus...) on the way home. Looking forward to next year in Savannah...time to start working on the cars now...
  12. And just how do you procure a duplicate title if you found a car in a house you were about to demolish...hard to imagine he has the rights to the title...
  13. Think that might be optimistic...if restored less than 7k miles ago, how do you get rust that quickly on the fender...
  14. Totally agree with Sailor Bob...it's torso length that matters...i'm a tight fit in the S30's, never sat in a S130, fit well in a Z31 and Z32 and don't fit in a Z33 or Z34 (sniff)...I'm only 6'2" but have normal-guy legs (32" in-seam)... Do a quick search...there are enough of all the models still kicking around that you should be able to find one to sit in to check...
  15. Does anyone know the bolt size for the bolts that hold in the injectors (2 per injector) on a '77 280z? Forgot to grab one leaving the house this a.m. Thanks,
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