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  1. Thank you for this informativ and encouriging reply. I know now what to do.
  2. Thanks John! Is the stock clutch still ok for 210 hp? That's why I bought the centerforce 2 some time ago and stored the stock one for my other stock 240.
  3. Hi trcb, in principle you are right but my presssure plate and flywheel look good and are not old. I had to take my engine out as I had to replace the front cover. So I thought it might be a good idea to replace the clutch disk and some more parts. John, does the stock clutch disk for the 240 Z work with the centerforce 2? Motorsports said "No" but as far as I know you by your comments I believe in your experiance with tuned Zs. Thanks for your support
  4. Hi friends, my clutch disk needs a replacement. Centerforce doesn't sell the disk separated. Why should I buy a total new kit when I only need a new disk? What is the special of the centerforce 2 disk and has anyone of you an idea what I can use instead and where to get it. Thanks for your help! Rolf
  5. Hi Steve, thank you for your reply, that is encouraging! Can you explain a bit more what happened to the lash pads and how you solved the problem, please .
  6. Hi friends! I bought the performance camshaft kit with cam lift .480 and duration 274. My questions now are: What are your experiances (if you have installed the kit) and - in special - how did you go on with the valve springs. My mechanic thinks that the valve springs are too strong (130 kp) for that camshaft compared to the 80 kp of the stock springs in my ' 72 240 Z , that might be too weak for that still quite moderate cam. Thanks for your support Rolf
  7. Saw a Godzilla at Nurburgring free test driving day and parked my Z aside - what adifference 40 years make
  8. Doehring

    Turn right

    Left to flip into right at Rallye Bonn
  9. Doehring


    Got satin-white foil on my yellow Z
  10. Doehring


    At the start to AKV's 4th Classic Rallye June 2012
  11. It is white, not off white.
  12. Did you refioll the water when the heater was open ?
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