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  1. Hey Bro Z1: Congratualtions on bringing all that planning, effort and work, and a few platelets too , together in a great Z car build for the Texas Rally. You said you would be an event this year and hey it is here. I know it is going to be a truly big event and the Z folks here, us Texans, JSC , are all well represented by you, the Z, and your brother too. Somewhere along that run, stop and give Dad a smile, because he is smiling for you guys too ! Then after that we will get down to some track days against the P car. They are on equal terms now so I will really get beat! Heck, I havent logged into the Classic Z in so long it gave me a Welcome Back from the Porsche World Message . Darn good work in a lot ways Stephen !
  2. I am going to see if I can find it manually on Speed and get it recorded.
  3. I looked at the Speed programming via Tivo and did not see any Targa lsited. If you you know of a time and date please pos it here. Thanks.
  4. Stephen: Hey I am sorry I missed it in more ways than one :mad:! First was the fun of getting off 59 at Weslayan not 3 miles form you guys with a damn blowout on tires that have 500 miles on them. Frank - some other old farts were sitting on the side of the road - Grrrrrr! I did get those Mikuni trips - but alas they are not on. You guys cars look great. Steve's is the really the bomb - but hey I got more stuff to work on over here :classic:! I look forward to seeing ya'll next time! Lesons I learned First - do not have have a blowout. Never let anyone put Chinese tires on your car. ( They were new on the car when I got it - and I said I was going to change them and the rims ALREADY.) Second - see #1 above and especially on a Houston freeway. I got off to the exit when it let go at about 75 mph ( running late you know ) but NO Way was I going to the shoulder on 59. Here is to all the butt-tards that ran right into the back of me, zipped by and flipped me off with my flashers on! I hope I see them one day in my TRUCK. Third - Never used AAA Auto in 25 years. Came right away with a first class truck and driver! Said 2 hours but was there in 30 minutes! Fourth - Never go to tire store (which was three blocks away) on Saturday. It only took three hours - but hey it could have been worse. Thanks to Andrew for getting me on the way and doing a bang up job at Discout Tire Kirrby!! And a funny story to leave you with. After waiting about 20 minutes to get to the sales guy we walk out and he measures the tires etc. New Huh - well yes but no matter. Go back inside. He asks - Make of car? Me - Datsun. Him - Mileage, year, etc Me - 125,775, 1974, yada yada He works on screen. Him - Who made the car? Me - Datsun. Him - I am SURE that DATSUN made their OWN car, right?? (very sarcastic) Me - Why yes! They sure did. Thats why it says DATSUN on the car! (very nicely - but I was starting to boil) Him- I am sure THEY did not make that car as it IS NOT in the COMPUTER. Me - Well a bit later they became something you and computer might know - Nissan Motor Co. But it DONT MATTER PAL - just get me a 205-60-15 and slap it on. OK? Him - Ok - but it will be three hours. Me- Uhhh - Ok. What else was I going to do - leave ! Pictures from MY car show and Get together!
  5. Got the BRE one - thanks again for that info or I would likely not have found that! Now if I get some engine work going and some new wheels and I will feel faster already !
  6. I started looking in the cabinets and motorcycle race trailer today to see what sizes of Helicoils and/or Time-Serts and various other metric nuts, bolts, etc I happened to have on hand. Why? Well, you know... just in case I am doing some work on the Z and I come across something that has been over-wrenched, chiseled, stripped, or just I case I "accidentally" bugger one - it has happened before ! I looked in my 260Z Factory Service Manual and in various " How to Restore..and How to ReBuild.. your Datsun Z" to see if it had any listings of the most common - as well as the most unique and otherwise un-replaceable- metric fasteners that Datsun used when assembling these Z's. No listing except a few torque specs and some fastener discussion in the Restore book. Googled and of course searched here but nothing found. I have a variety of Grade 5 and Grade 9 stuff around and about enough Factory Yamaha bagged fasteners to build a motorcycle - but no specific Datsun bolts, pins, screws, clips, etc. And there is plenty of Kroil and anti-ssize and I know how to use it . Does anybody have a list or a link? And what is the most used during the repair when you are working? I assume that most are metric coarse threads but are there some fine thread pieces, taps, etc that I might need. It sure is nice to have them on hand because if not it could take hours - or days - to go source the repair or replacement items. I do have a 1981 ZX over in the buddies storage lot to go get from but it is across town and who knows what shape its bolts etc may be in. Besides I might "need" those too! Any ideas and comments on this for spares, re-threads, helicoils etc?? Thanks!
  7. Todd is straight shooter and does some really nice work up there. I got my 40's from him and they look excellent. But they are not on the car waiting for some work. He was very helpful and again the quality was tops.
  8. Excellent and informatory post by Dees and even better shopping ! If you cant find a deal like that I strongly recommend getting the best Ingersol that you can afford that matches your requirements. You will use more air than you think - especially if you are painting, blasting or using a drill - these really burn the tank down. Probably $900 - $1500 though. I am sure that many guys have gotten good service from the Campbell Hausefield Home deopt etc stuff but the Ingersol will be running for a long time to come and is much more likely to have parts should they ever be required.
  9. Thank you Tim. I dont have a rule book or anything in here yet but I am leaving my options open other than of course I would prefer to run with the Z. May have to make it a 370 Z or something. Yeah with the show, parc farme and work, and the road book and notes a man might have to go back to work to rest! Great that you got to participate and run though.
  10. I heard what sounded like a SHT, SHT, SHT It says SHT - Go Faster! It says SHT - Go More!! It says SHT - Go beat that 260!!!
  11. Thanks for the BRE links guys. I like the new BRE one , or at least I did until I saw the pics of Carls older one whcuh is even better. But I am on to order one of them here next week or so.
  12. The OP Z1K must be at work out in the garage on this install as I have not seen him, the car, or any post showing its up and in as yet. :classic:
  13. I am going to have check and doublecheck the roll cage for my car . Heck it could be worse like some of those drops into the sea there - dont want to go there. Reminds me of riding motorcylces in the Alps with my wife on back, twisties, very narrow roads, and plunges off the mountain. My wife would ask me "Did you see that...." "Errrr... No Sweetie I was focused on the ROAD!" If I looked away we might Evel Knievel a few thousand feet 2 Up.
  14. The format is both. They do indeed have various classes according to vintage and size. The stages are handicapped to a time factor with the Modern Open cars being the fastest (having less Goal Time to achieve). It is a pretty cool format in that a privateer can compete with a full on support team as in reality you compete and compare your time to all cars in the field and then you primarily have to compete with yourself as well as you are competing against the Goal Time for the stage. It does slightly favor a well developed but older vintage car. How many cars could win otherwise - 3, 5 maybe 10 at the most. I tell you something else it is likely that if they opened up and did not have the speed restrictions etc then there might not be any Targa here as you know what will happen when there are increases in accident incidence.
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