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  2. On my path of recovery from my ill fitting RHD header, I need to find a new L24 block breather tune as I had to cut mine down. I'm also after a series 1 heat shield and if possible a valve cover vent tube. Thanks in advance, cheers.
  3. I am interested in the Datsunworks speaker pods. The website doesn’t seem to be e-commerce so I did a “Contact us” email. I’ve gotten no answer. Is there a super secret back door way to contact?
  4. Do you people not read the news? Trump has ended the pandemic! He's "rounded the curve" more times than Mario Andretti. Washington, D.C. (WTRF) — The White House’s Office of Science and Technology listed “ending the COVID-19 pandemic” as one of the top accomplishments of the Trump administration’s first term. A release from OSTP said, “From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic the Trump Administration has taken decisive actions to engage scientists and health professionals in academia, industry, and government to understand, treat and defeat the disease. “ Dr. Kelvin Droegemeier, the office’s director, said, “President Trump has solidified America’s standing as the most scientifically and technologically advanced nation the world has ever known”.
  5. Two pieces. Clocked so the mounting holes don’t argue.
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  7. I doubt that the PCV is causing the fouled plug. The PCV is just a one way valve. Shake it, can you hear it rattle, good. Now blow in each end. Blowing in one end will be impossible but the other end should free flow. If it's blocked either soak it in lacquer thinner or buy a new one.
  8. Did the car run reasonably well with the flat tops on it? First thing would be to make sure it's a decent running motor in the first place. Start by getting rid of the vacuum leaks. Just to test things, you can cap off the entire anti-backfire system. You can also pull and plate off the EGR just in case it is sticking open a little. Other things maybe? You've got a rubber vacuum line connected to the front manifold right behind the carb. This is the line that splits and goes to your throttle opener and AB valve. Well there's another nipple (broken off) right next to that one. What's up with that? Is that a leak? And the throttle linkage doesn't look quite right to me. The stop up by the EGR valve is nowhere near making contact. And the connection nut on the rear carb looks like it's bent and/or loose? Is that an attempt to mitigate the "too short" linkage piece between the two carbs?
  9. Describes me too, so I guess it fits. Haha!! Seriously though, about the only time I miss having a more highly featured phone is when I travel. For finding local attractions like food or entertainment, and directions to such places. Other than that, I'm still satisfied. It makes and receives calls and rudimentary texts. I'm good. And yes... I only have to charge it every couple of days. I see people sitting in public places huddled around the wall outlets charging their devices and sometimes quarrelling about the use of the outlet. My criteria for my phone goes like this: Makes and receives calls and texts. Small as possible. Long battery life. No external call activating buttons and cannot (not just "unlikely", but CANNOT) pocket dial by accident, even if I'm in there playing with myself and push a couple buttons by accident. That's about it.
  10. OK, I'll look for my sketch. So I've got some questions about this adapter plate you're planning... With the mounting holes being "close, but not close enough", there is significant overlap between the original pattern and the scheme for the 350Z. That overlap presents a set of difficulties in making an adapter plate. It would actually be easier if the patterns were radically different instead of just a little different. Are you planning to make this thing from multiple pieces and sandwich them together? Are you planning to spin the 350Z throttle body a little (clock it 45 degrees or something) so that none of the holes interfere with each other? Something else? Sorry... I'm just having trouble picturing this plate.
  11. Spark plug in cylinder 4 is fouling. Could it be attributable to bad PCV Valve? How do i check and clean PCV Valve? Can you run car with rubber plug replacing PCV Valve to determine fouling cause?
  12. Spark plug in cylinder 4 is fouling. Could it be attributable to bad PCV Valve? How do i check and clean PCV Valve? Can you run car with rubber plug replacing PCV Valve to determine fouling cause?
  13. That is a great looking car. That will make a great "Driver." It's great to see the 280Z starting to get some love.
  14. He sent a few more pic's but has even more on Zdriver : https://www.zdriver.com/forums/fs-240z-260z-280z-280zx-70-83-242/70-240z-43197/#post348914 Here is a better look at the plate. Looks like something else was mounted in the lower holes where it would normally sit.
  15. AK260

    C’mon! Own up ...

    And I bet you only need to charge it once a week! [emoji106][emoji106]
  16. Wow Alan! That is pretty shady practice. I was reading the advert on the phone under a duvet while having insomnia and half a brain on - clearly missed a lot of what you pointed out. So in reality someone is likely to spend upwards of £60k only to discover they have a cut and shut in all but name! :o It reminds me of another car that came out of the ZFarm with a “questionable VIN v rest of car” situation which a good friend of mine bought and returned to them.
  17. Unless of course you don't need those "capabilities", in my case they are just more useless features, that's why my flip phone is good enough for my needs. I turn it on to make a call and turn it off when I'm done. Paper map users of the world unite!
  18. This car is not 'HLS30-00059' in any practical sense. It is simply the identity of 'HLS30-00059' pinned onto a much later bodyshell. The description says that the body was 'replaced' ("...the original bodywork was in a lamentable state and had to be replaced...") but that is not possible on these cars as each bodyshell has its own unique identity - assigned to it by the factory - and it is non-transferable. The description tries to side-step this ("...very few “original” parts remain, and a substantial part of the bodywork is comprised of 1972 and 1973 parts...") but the bodyshell of this car is that of a complete post-1973 car, from which the original identity - in the form of the firewall-engraved chassis prefix and body serial number - has been removed, and replaced with that of another car. To all intents and purposes, 'HLS30-00059' no longer exists.
  19. I’m no purist but part of me laments such a low VIN being turned into a rally car in “recent” years. But I guess in 2010 you could import a LHD car to the UK for the price of a bag of potato chips. https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1280219 The “Samuri” spec can polarise opinions - but that aside, this seems like a fun car to rally if that’s your thing.
  20. Might? I reproduced a Two piece Porsche rear fog light mount from a drawing on the inside of a box and made 50 copies... let’s see what Nicho can do with it.
  21. AK260

    C’mon! Own up ...

    Much like using carbs v EFi I guess :p But what we are not appreciating here is that [mention]Captain Obvious[/mention] is still beating his clothes between two rocks by the river, winding up his gramophone / listening to the wireless set while winding his clocks daily.
  22. Gland nut removal tool .... Old bracket + 8.8 bolts and a step drill to widen the centre hole. Just add hammer. 2lb is ideal. Oh and bolt strut bottom to the garage floor pre-drilled with a couple of rawlplugs in place. Clearly the original gland nut needs a couple of holes drilled but the new ones from Koni come pre-drilled.
  23. Pilgrim

    C’mon! Own up ...

    Chromecasts work very nicely - I have them on four different TV sets in various parts of the house. A flip phone is, IMHO, an outdated piece of technology and continuing its use penalizes the owner by preventing access to many helpful capabilities. I generally buy used unlocked phones on Ebay - no contract and I save tons of money.
  24. AK260

    C’mon! Own up ...

    Good God man! You still don a flip phone!?!?!? You really do like your classics !!! ;)
  25. This one is climbing fast. Worth following. Still seven days left and it's at $25,240 (who does $40? - Lstepp4re). Let me know if you don't want to fill your thread with extraneous stuff. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-datsun-280z-38/
  26. The carbs are on and most things are hooked up but I’m having a pretty sizable issue. The car will only run at 2000/4000 rpm and 200 rpm... nowhere in between When it’s running between 2-4000 it runs well and throttle response is crisp. When it runs at 200 rpm, the throttle mostly just chokes the system. Also the engine will seemingly just randomly shoot up from 200 to 2000 rpm. These carbs could be bad and in need of a proper rebuild, that’s entirely possible, but I really don’t much about the SUs so I’m not sure and I dont have the budget for the rebuild right now so I’m seeing if this problem can be fixed. Here is what I’ve done in an attempt to fix the issue as well as notes on the situation: I’ve moved the mixture nuts around and that seems to be a good way to get it to idle at 2000+ (turning the nut to richen the mix) but it can also jump to high rpm when the nuts are only around three turn out. The choke cables are currently disconnected because I found that I need a piece to affix the cable to these carbs, but I can manually manipulate the choke to get it to idle a bit better but still not great. The pistons in the carbs move up and down as I’ve read they should, with the 20wt oil they’re a bit harder to push up and slowly fall back to the bottom. One of the needles was a bit bent but I was able to straighten a bit by using the technique in the ztherapy video. I do have at least one confirmed vacuum leak and am not ruling out that I could have more. I’m guessing the sudden jump in rpm is one or both pistons rapidly going up? Im also getting a lot of backfires out of the carbs when it’s running at low rpm And here’s a picture of what the engine bay currently looks like, still very much a work in progress I know things aren’t prefect but please point out anything that could be an immediate issue Im actively researching trying to find information on a situation like this but I figure while I search might as well see if anyone can help me out. Thanks again to everyone that’s helped so far!
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