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  2. That one prevents the tensioner from opening too far, the ones in my pics hold the tensioner fully closed so you don't have to fight against it while installing the cam gear.
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  4. Wow the earth is flat? Tell us more!
  5. A lot of little touch ups. I can’t leave well enough alone it seems. Little pinholes and line straightening and I think I am close to having the panels ready for paint.
  6. @charliekwin looks good, package remind me of the VN factory.
  7. I just looked at a spare I have. On the front says NILESJAPAN TYPES On the side it has 1617 <perhaps a date code? It has FLASH and a narrow body with a short lead to a 6pin plug like this one from @kats
  8. Christmas came early. A box of shiny stuff came last week. A little hiccup or two in shipping, and more thoughts coming after I do the rear. Sent from my SM-G950U1 using Tapatalk
  9. Careful "BRO" you're stepping on my reality. Dennis
  10. FYI, here is random sampling of switch type that can be seen on recent series one cars listed on BAT since May this year: 1970 #06206 (10/24/19 auction end date) "flash" 1970 #08542 (10/22/19 auction end date) "flash" 1971 #08233 (10/8/19 auction end date) "double triangles" (pic 59/195) 1970 #04213 (9/17/19 auction end date) "double triangles" (pic 103/204) 1970 #04504 (7/24/19 auction end date) "flash" 1971 #12069 (8/5/19 auction end date) "double triangles" (pic 45/98) 1970 #00512 (5/7/19 auction end date) "flash" 1970 #06157 (5/9/19 auction end date) "double triangles" (pic 69/215)
  11. Sure bro' that is just philosophy 101. People say (and write) lots of stuff ( not my judgement to label as "foolish" or not) which may or may not be true. If I have an opinion about it, it is where opinion has replaced factual evidence as de riguer. For example, I cannot wrap my mind around the reality which some choose to live in where they believe that the earth is flat.
  12. I have already provided an explanation for any other version factory installed to not be rigid and inflexible. Let me amend that statement also; after "Datsun idiosycrasie" should read "factory installation" instead of "installation." If I am mistaken where are all the heavy hitters telling me I am so and providing incontrovertible evidence to support themselves?
  13. Off topic, but I just bought this to adhere the new rubber seal kit I bought to the car!
  14. Not perfect but a lot better than what I started with. The rear drip area had been repaired with patched metal and I really didn’t want to try installing the Tabco replacement panel. I rewelded and ground the metal and filled with fibreglas. Went over that with regular filler and smoothed it all out. Still a few irregularities but overall it will do for me.
  15. I hazard to guess... I still think different manufacturers of the plastic stick part is a possibility This is like the early hub caps and the two locations of the valve holes on spoke and between spokes.
  16. I found a picture of the hazard switch in HLS30 -03798, a 5/70 car. Double triangle.
  17. My wife, who is a psychologist, taught me that lesson over 35 years ago. She told me that we each live in our own reality. Keeping that in mind has helped me in dealing with many of the foolish things I've heard people say over the years. Enjoy your reality, but realize everyone else has one, too. Dennis
  18. As bumpers arrived from Futofab yesterday afternoon. The boxes are printed with big letters that say "MADE IN TAIWAN". So apparently Futofab bumpers are no longer sourced from Vietnam. Or, maybe they get them from multiple sources. Waiting on brackets from Eurodat to test fitment.
  19. Well, my car is the perennial garage queen and has still not rolled under power since I bought her. I eventually gave up on AZC ever completing a rear park brake kit. All I ever got from Dave were promises of “two more weeks”... I worked with Edan to develop a rear park brake kit using his parts and the AZC rears. It took a bit of work, but now I have the best of both worlds!
  20. I am considering the Arizona Zcar kit. 1 year later how are they performing for you?
  21. Saw the Michael Douglas movie "Falling Down" , there's a 240z in the parking lot of the burger joint that he goes into
  22. Here's a couple engine shots. Should have the timing chain, front cover and oiler on tonight.
  23. Those tools like very neat! Someday I might paint this car, but I would rather not. Thank you for the compliment. It's been a fun project. I really like working on the Z.
  24. Right because reality is now whatever I believe it to be. Alternative facts y'all.
  25. yea I know the gasket/sealant info is VERY confusing at times. 51813 peratex
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