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  2. Saw this while looking at Craigslist. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/pts/d/orange-datsun-240z-oem-ash-tray-fuse/6866244463.html Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. There should be a ground in the back, on the passenger side, near the taillights. Look for a black wire. You'll need to pull off the back trim panel to find the wiring harness. Look at the mechanical connection and make sure there is not corrosion that would inhibit current flow.
  4. Those two black ones on top are irrelevant. Remove the black one from underneath you can barely see and then tighten the small metal one underneath
  5. I just quoted 1700 for someone but for you because I love your car I’ll do it for 1500.
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  7. Still trying to tighten the right rear nut of the right seat. Seems complicated though. I guess i will have to loosen the plastic nut underneath first and then try to tighten the small nut.
  8. No problem, thanks for starting a new thread. I'll clean this one up a bit..
  9. I need to make a few adjustments. The offset from the hub to the rotor needs an additional 5mm, and I need to trim the outside diameter of the rotor by 5mm too. Easy peasy!
  10. Stock L24 High Compression no emissions advance is 17 degrees at 650rpm. Here is vacuum advance map for L24 high compression engine: 5.5 degrees in by 245mm HG Here is mechanical advance map for L24 high compression engine: 6 degrees in by 1000 rpm
  11. My NOS dash would look great in your car.
  12. There is but it is a non-trivial amount of work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1QDLd2hn4Q
  13. Thank you. That would be great. Replacing the whole dash is too great of a challenge for me.
  14. I had one that the PO had filled in with a low gloss black elastomeric caulk. Like you use to seal commercial windows. It looked pretty darn good to me. I'll try and find a picture when I get my laptop out.
  15. Sorry about that. I realized that and started a new thread about my car.
  16. 718Miata did kind of hijack the thread to show off his Mecum car. Maybe davis23 didn't recognize it anymore...
  17. I found the link to the manuals for anyone that wants to browse. The 123USA web site is in bad shape. http://www.123ignition.nl/files/manuals/123manual_TUNE.pdf https://123ignitionusa.com/pages.php?pageid=10
  18. I really don’t want to take the chance of tearing interior pulling it back, but really like this brace. Another Life dilemma!!! Haha!
  19. My head lights, turn signals front and back, brake lights, and back up lights all work, but the tail lights and the running lights on the fenders and quarter panels are not working. Someone I was talking to about this issue indicated I needed to check to see if the ground wires were in good order. My first question is where the ground wire would be? How do I check electrically? My second question is if the ground wire is good what else could be the problem?
  20. Webers like ~ 20degrees advance at idle but this is too much to cranks at start. 10 degrees is nice for start cranking. With 10.5:1 compression max advance may be 30 to 34 degrees. You will also need 93 octane gas to help reduce ping.
  21. Yes, MAP is what you would change to get timing to retard at low intake vacuum, when you open the throttle at low RPM. MAP is intake manifold pressure, and centrifugal, or RPM, is engine speed. Two different curves, typically shown in table form. They interact.
  22. MZR’s getting plenty of attention these days, this one from the Top Gear site with brief driving impressions. The Z’s 50th anniversary probably helps their marketing: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/tgs-guide-japan/driving-wonderful-mzr-roadsports-datsun-240z#1
  23. Did you check your actual timing after you installed the 123? First thing I did after install was make a "setup map" with timing at 10° everywhere and put a timing gun on the pulley. Timing was substantially off so I clocked the distributor until the gun showed 10°. I can post my timing curve when I'm on my tuning computer.
  24. What is air/fuel at cruise on flat highway at 50rpm? What is air fuel ratio at idle? What is fuel level? You may be just running lean. The trick is to get the fuel levels right then find the right idle jet to give a cruise between 14 and 16 (depending on fuel efficiency you want). Then you set the idle (13 to 15 depending on how stinky you want it.... idle is smoother at 13 but it is rich). Repeat the cruise test as the idle adjustment can make ~ 0.5 a/f difference at cruise. Typical fuel level range is 27mm down to 29mm down. What size chokes/Venturis do you have? 32-33mm are nice for 2.8l 40DCOE on the street.
  25. I think it's the reverse switch. Looks like they might be available out on the internet. http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978/power-train/transmission-case/5-speed/23 https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-switch-rev-lamp~32005-k1000.html
  26. Sometimes the leak is through the body of the sensor itself. Probably have to remove it and see. Be careful with the wires they get really brittle over time. Many sensors with wire stubs out there.
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