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1979 280ZX 2+2 for sale

   (0 reviews)

1979 280ZX 2+2 for sale

   (0 reviews)


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This car has a personal history for me. My dad bought it in the early 1980s, drove it occasionally for about ten years, then sold it to one of my friends. My friend Jeff had it for 20+ years, but fought cancer for a couple of years and passed away this fall. Jeff and his wife Dot lived on about five acres out in the country and there is a lot of stuff she doesn't need to deal with. She has health problems and no ability to use the car, and it has been sitting for at least three years. I'm helping her sell it, and in this case maximizing the $ isn't the issue because she and I want it to find a home. She has a clear title.

I just visited her, took a good look at the car and lots of photos - all attached. Please CONTACT ME for more information, as I probably know more about the car than she does. I am trying to give you good info and she really can't help much with that.

The car is in eastern Washington about 5 miles east of Pullman in a farming area 80 miles south of Spokane. It will need to be trailered. The gas in it is old and I doubt it will start with the gas in it. A UHaul trailer will handle this car easily. You will need a come-along or other device to pull the ZX onto the trailer.

Priced at $1500 which is very fair for a 127K mile ZX. I want it to have a new home soon.

YES, you will have to come to eastern WA, load the car and trailer it yourself. It's 80 miles north to I-90, and you can get anywhere from there.

Here's an evaluation of the condition:

  • The car has been parked next to a tool shed. There are weeds growing around it in the photos.
  • Visually, the car is bad because ALL the clear coat is peeling. It looks awful, but the car isn't actually rusty. Look at the photos and you'll see it's just clear coat shedding. It will need a repaint but there is no serious rust anywhere on it. I looked around the edges where Z-cars generally rust and there doesn't appear to be anything going on. This isn't unusual for eastern WA, which unlike western WA is low humidity and not a place where cars rust fast unless they're driven a lot in winter, which this car was not.
  • Glass is all present and appears good. I didn't check the windshield for chips.
  • The seats are in very good shape and have real sheepskin seat covers. (My dad bought them when he had it because they worked great for me.)
  • The interior panels behind the seats have been taken off and all the trim is piled behind the seats under the hatch. I do not know why he removed the panels and trim. Might have had a project in mind.
  • Speedometer shows 127K miles, which is accurate.
  • Engine is complete and was running when parked.
  • Transmission is a 5-speed manual.
  • All wheels are original and correct. All tires appear to be holding air.
  • The car was built in February of 1979 (see tag.)
  • The car has factory air conditioning.

This is a complete car that should start up with a clean tank of gas, an oil and filter change and a coolant flush. It needs a complete clean-up and a coat of paint, as well as fresh fluids from front to back. It should be a good driver and will last someone a long time.

I'll add photos, but I have more. I moderate the forums at Zcar.com and I've owned and driven Z-cars since 1974.

My contact email: apowell at colocougs dot org.
Area code 970 phone 215 followed by 1560

Pullman, Washington - United States

Recommended Questions

Glws. Too far for me, but looks like a good starting point for someone



Thanks. If someone in the Pacific NW wants it, the car should be a good one for them.  

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Besides airco it also has cruise control!  As this car seems to have no rust at all (i don't see a pic of the bottom and floor..) it's a bargain for 1500$ !! 
I've been restoring one like this with very little rust (Only the windscreen had a lot of rust due to a unprofesional installer..) and when the hoses and rubber parts are in good condition this is a "easy" restoration i think. (As more and more 280zx's are getting a restore they will become available again, some are already available on the aftermarket.)

As these cars drive very comfortable.. GET yourself this BARGAIN!!! 

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