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  1. Good eye to catch all the signs of the scam. I've seen similar things in Facebook market postings. In those cases it is always an extremely low price coupled with some pitch about how they are traveling, or lost their relative and just want to sell the car, or some such crap. The financial deal always would run through some illogical third party. Giant waste of time pursuing these.
  2. I'm not a snob about these things, as I sometimes use Autozone, but I agree that Rockauto would offer more options and quality levels of parts if you don't have NAPA around.
  3. Suggestion: use NAPA parts supplier rather than Autozone next time.
  4. I understand the concern. My learning experience about the vagaries of the Z-car oil pressure sending unit happened back in 1974. I was driving my 1971 240Z home through a snow storm in Spokane, WA and there was already 6 inches of snow on the ground. I looked down and saw that the oil pressure gauge was sitting on zero while I drove. I turned into a parking lot immediately, parked and locked it, and walked nearly a mile through snowdrifts to get home. I was living very close on income, so I called Jaremko motors in Spokane to see if they had any ideas. They had an outstanding parts guy, and he suggested a new sending unit. I got a ride to the dealership from a friend the next day, went to my car and changed the sender out in about 5 minutes. Fired it up, got a nice oil pressure reading and drove home. Ever since then, I have taken the readings from the oil pressure system in an L6 Datsun with a certain skepticism.
  5. I suggest you screw in a real oil pressure gauge and see what you actually have. I bet the senders are both bad. Regardless, there is no better info than a real oil pressure gauge, and it's easy to reach the port on the L6 engine. I've had a 240, a 280 and two 280ZX Z-cars. Every one showed in the low pressure range (@ 10 PSI) once warmed up and at idle. Most ran about 40-60 PSI at normal operating speed. Usually a "0" reading at idle is a bad pressure sending unit; they are notoriously short-lived and highly variable in accuracy.
  6. Pilgrim


    One commentator made a point with which I agree. The most important aspect of trends is not the number of infections, but the the number of hospitalizations and deaths. Being sick with CO-19 is no picnic, and it may have long term effects, but being dead is worse. If the measures being taken reduce the severity of infections and result in fewer deaths, we are winning.
  7. That would make sense. GM's intermediate line cars were identical in some ways, very similar in others. They often shared body shells. If you want to see this in action, check the early 50's Chevrolet - Olds - Pontiac - Buick sedans, especially the rear ends. The rear fenders were nearly identical in those cars, but side trim and grilles differed. Just IMHO - to my eye, the 1966 and 1967 GTOs were some of the most beautiful cars GM ever built. The styling from front to back was eye-catching, graceful and lovely. But it's true, they completely abandoned the squared-off look of the earlier GTO/Lemans models.
  8. Thank you for sharing that with us. He sounds like a remarkable man. Take good care of that inheritance. I'm sure he would want you to drive it like a Viper deserves to be driven.
  9. I was in Bryan, 90 miles north of Houston. It's mighty humid and rainy in Houston, fer shurr.
  10. Texas has about six climate zones. I was fortunate that my '83 ZXT was bought in southern OK and soon moved to Central TX, both of which are far enough north to avoid the Gulf Coast and far enough south to avoid much winter weather. i suspect it was not driven in winter before I got it in 1990. We moved to Colorado in 1998 where the car has been a three-season vehicle. As a result, the undercarriage and body have essentially no rust. Sheer luck on my part, but I'll take it.
  11. Pilgrim


    Agreed. Biggest mistake that the BLM made was not to treat this seriously. I would bet that with the change of atmosphere over the past four years, it would be handled differently today.
  12. Pilgrim


    Well, those morons at the BLM did accomplish a couple of things, both negative: trashing environmentally sensitive protected areas, and encouraging other freeloaders who don't want to pay their leasing fees for running stock on government land. It flabbergasts me that the feds didn't pursue the case against them more energetically.
  13. Pilgrim


    The fringe groups this year are giving a new extreme definition to the word "crazy." It strains credulity to believe that anyone can be stupid or deluded enough (or both) to believe this crap.
  14. Pilgrim


    Go, Pack Go! Next stop, NFC Championship game!
  15. I was at A&M from 1985-1998, and it was at least 2-3 years years before I left. Could have been mid-90's. Funny how dates blur more than 20 years later.... When the Harvard server was going to shut down, Carl let me know. I worked with Ag Extension at TAMU, and went to a gent in the IT section named Paul and asked him if there was any way to help. He was kind of a delightful maverick (big guy about 6'4" and 260 pounds) and said, "well, Extension is here to inform and educate people, and this listserv does that, so I'll find a way to host it." I know he took it under his wing and basically managed it himself. Unfortunately he passed away a few years after I left A&M in 1998. On behalf of Zcar.com, I find a pretty good group of people there. I admit that I get tired of people asking a question that ahs been asked 100 times when they haven't bothered to do a search, so there may be a mea culpa due there. I am also fond of referring people with basic questions to Nicolub.com for service manuals. I really appreciate having all those service manuals there. My1983 280ZX service manual was three-hole punched and put in a binder years ago.
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