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  1. Are you going to ask the same questions on every Z-car forum that exists? Slow down, do your homework and read the references provided. And if you use the lift points provided by the manufacturer (as shown in the photo earlier in the thread) it's reasonable to presume they will work correctly.
  2. That's how it always works. When the first generation of Z-cars got a bit old and worn, kids got ahold of them and turned them into rusty, noisy hooptys. That happens to all cars that have any performance vibe about them. But many survived without that level of violation, and they're the ones we have today. I learned at ZCON that my '83 280ZXT is one of the cleanest and most original of its generation. That feels pretty nice!
  3. Interesting. Eliminate the population and the disease disappears! Brilliant! Slightly hard on the population, but there you are.
  4. Which is exactly why teachers should be under a vaccination mandate.
  5. I suspect the answer to that will be available shortly after the vehicle goes into full production. I'm not sure what "never made it on the track" means, as there are plenty of them in competitive racing.
  6. Agreed! Hindsight is always more accurate, innit?
  7. The Z reveal at the ZCON track event:
  8. Nice to see these photos. I posted a video of the Z reveal, but there's evidently not much attention to it. I have the brown/gold 280ZXT which was one row over from your car at the show. It was next to the red/black museum piece 280ZX.
  9. I was at the ZCON event and shot video of the North American reveal of the new Z. The audio is weak, but here it is...
  10. I should get a look at it later this week at ZCON in Colorado Springs.
  11. I have clear memories of a '66 LeMans with a 389 and a fried clutch. When I started it in gear, the clutch held and it would go, and I could shift without using the clutch. Had to be crafty at stoplights, though.
  12. I bought a 1977 Chevy Monza Spyder with the 305 V8. It was the first car I ran into which required the clutch pedal to be depressed to engage the starter. Probably the first week I owned it, I pulled the switch out of place from the clutch pedal assembly and wired it closed so that the starter could be used any time. When I'm working on a car, I really don't want to have to climb into it to use the starter. I and my family owned that car for 30 years, and not once did defeating that safety device result in damage or problems for anyone.
  13. I'm surprised how much that reminds me of a BMW 2002 in the photos. Nice work!
  14. Saturday the Colorado Z Car Club (Denver area) had an autocross at a Sheriff's training center where there is a nice asphalt area...they even provided the cones for us! I hadn't driven an autocross in about 22 years. My 280ZX has fairly new all-season tires, as they were about the only thing I could find in the original size, but what the heck. I aired them up to 39 PSI all around and had at it. There weren't many cars there - about a dozen - so we all got in plenty of runs. I had about 8 runs. It was a tight course, and I ran the whole thing in first gear, but that wasn't all ba
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