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  1. I'm not sure that 50 years form now, we'll think today's plastics are well thought out either. But by then the PC boards in all the computer control stuff will have cracked and failed, so the cars won't be drivable anyway.
  2. Except that when you're away from home, etc. that piece of paper isn't with you, not if it has 200+ passwords like mine does. And paper can be lost, which then means you're screwed unless you have a scanned copy of your PW document, which you probably won't make every time you add a PW to the list. I'm happy with a password-protected cloud-based PW program. I do heartily endorse having a consistent pattern of PW construction that uses some known basic alpha characters (possibly based on the website or software's name) plus numerical characters in some combination of prefix and suffix, and a special character. Most sites require at least eight characters, both alpha and numerical, including at least one capitalized alpha character, plus a special character. That means it's not too hard to establish a PW convention which makes it easier for you to be consistent in the scheme you use, but vary the characters in each PW.
  3. Hopefully he has been able to block the originating addresses.
  4. On the Zcar forum my rule is to immediately delete the post and ban anyone who joins and within hours posts "my friend Bob has one of those...". I have no mercy with those jerks. I agree: 1) Get pictures, preferably ones that you specifically requested. Everyone has a cell phone and can shoot pix for you. 2) Deal with someone who has been on the forum for a year or longer. 3) Get a phone number and talk with the seller. 4) If in doubt, use an online escrow service that holds payment until the part arrives and you approve payment. That means you and the seller have to agree, and you'll pay a fee to the escrow service. It's worth it on expensive parts. If the seller won't agree, forget them.
  5. I do think it's well said that it would be smart to put unused ECUs into a ziplock bag with a dessicant enclosed. (Here in COlorado at 10% humidity in midwinter I'm not sure I'd worry about the dessicant. )
  6. This is totally unrealistic. When pros go racing, their cars are NOT the street versions. This has been true since about the 1930s. What you see on any race track may look like a stock vehicle, but it has nothing in common with stock engine, suspension, bakes or rubber. In many cases it has little to do with the stock body or aerodynamics, either. OF COURSE what you see on the track doesn't tell you anything about a stock Z. Stock vehicles haven't been in professional racing for about 90 years. But it helps sales!
  7. Then you will need a reminder to remind you to slip the heat-shrink over the wire before you solder the ends of the wires together....
  8. I've been the mod on that forum for a few years, and I will guaran-DAMN-tee you that if someone joins a forum and immediately responds to a parts wanted post with "My friend Bob has just the part you need. Contact him at eatme.gmail.com" it is ALWAYS a scammer. No exceptions. I have it posted in the forum that anyone who does that will be banned. The posts are always similar and always scams, and I've seen it for years. People who have Z-car parts respond themselves, they don't have random friends who have an inventory in their head posting for them. I can't speak to the case which started this thread, but my advice when buying used parts that are $$ is to go to an online escrow company (like Escrow.com) work through them, have the seller ship and don't have the money released until you have received the parts and authorize the payment to be made. Yes, it costs extra, but I've been scammed and I've learned from it. If he seller won't do that, I don't buy.
  9. I moderate the zcar.com forum. When a new seller pops up with a list of stuff within hours after they join, I watch them like a hawk and warn members about paying before they receive any merchandise. When someone responds to a "parts wanted" post within minutes or hours of joining and offers the needed part, and especially if they say "contact my friend Bob, he has the part" I immediately delete the post and ban them. The Z-car forums seem to pull a LOT of scammers. I have no patience and no mercy.
  10. Maybe put a fan right outside to pull air through?
  11. You might check with the manufacturer and see if it can be colored before application.
  12. I should have mentioned SRV, but that kinda goes without saying. I loved the work of his bass player, Tommy Shannon. His work with SRV was outstanding. For a treat, here's a version of Pipeline that I love...SVR and "Richard" Dale from the little-known movie "Back to the Beach" which was a beach movie reunion of Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello. It didn't make it into the final cut of the movie, but it's one of the best versions of Pipeline you'll ever hear:
  13. Bonamassa is a real talent, and he CAN play wonderfully. I saw him at Red Rocks this summer and both I and my friends attending were let down by his performance. When he plays, it's all about him. Endless guitar wanking, going on in his solos much too long, and too much emphasis on his own originals which designed to let him go on and on. When he steps out of his "look at me, I'm the star" mode long enough to try a traditional blues tune or let someone else in the band really take some solo time, he's really good. Otherwise, he wore out his schtick in about 45 minutes. I love good guitar, especially living and dead musicans like Danny Gatton, "Richard" Dale, Santana, Popa Chubby and many others. I love Bonammassa's technique, just not the way he uses it when he performs. (Got a chuckle from the website automatically turning Dale's first name into D***. Therefore, I used Richard.)
  14. I've had deep wells, both metric and SAE, in my tool box for 50 years. Most are 3/8" drive, but I also have full sets of 1/2" drive deep well impact sockets. And as noted above, sometimes 1/4" drive deep wells come in handy for small diameter bolts or tight clearance areas.
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