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  1. In that case, you should provide a well-researched and extensive set of errata to the publisher and request that they be included in the next edition.
  2. Man, it has been a long time since I have read such a stream of negative comments in an enthusiast thread. Someone here needs to write their own book.
  3. You can still get R12 installed in the US if you find a licensed installer. I was fortunate to find one last year after getting my '83 ZXT back on the road. The fill wasn't cheap but my AC is working fine.
  4. Here in the states, we all know that any time you see the colors red, white and blue some "compulsive patriot" type will claim it's inspired by the yew ess of Ay. It does seem like a Pavlovian reflex.
  5. That 5th gear makes a big difference in highway cruising, and the drop in RPM does provide a bit more quiet. My daily driver is a 2008 BMW 328ix Sportwagon with a six-speed tranny and about 130K miles. When I get out of it to drive my 83 ZXT I'm amazed at how much louder the ZX is. It doesn't help the noise level that I had the rubber bushings changed for poly, and that also made the ride much rougher on sections of bad road. I added a radio with bluetooth phone capability, but if I'm traveling over about 50 MPH there's no point answering the phone since it's hard to hear and the mic picks up as much car noise as it does my voice.
  6. There was a leather option in the US. I don't have it, but as far as I know it's real leather.
  7. At 105K, I wouldn't be bothered by 1500 miles per quart of oil. That's about where my 1983 280ZXT is, and has been for the last 20-30K miles. I had the valve seals replaced recently but don't have a new number on oil consumption to compare with yet. Agreed, with a ring and valve job you could reduce oil usage but spending a couple thousand or so to save on $9 quarts of oil seems quite extreme. You can buy a lot of oil for a couple thousand bucks.
  8. That's definitely a different fabric pattern than my 83 ZX Turbo. I think you're right that when you start driving a car often, old foam rubber will deteriorate. It's very interesting to see the materials used in these seats.
  9. I'm following this because I need new foam too...
  10. Pilgrim


    Nothing in this thread recently. Now we're in the process of finding out that all the trouble we went to DID make a difference. The question is whether this resurgence of the virus is part of the first wave, or if it's the second wave. It only matters to those obsessive about such things.
  11. A very simple thought: you may have melted a wire or connection. The first thing I'd do is get under the dash on the driver's side with a strong flashlight and start tracing wires, looking for evidence of burned or melted wires or connections. I would devote specific attention to the back of the tach. As the electronics guys would say, you have released the magic smoke that makes the electronics work.
  12. Yesterday one of the car guys in my neighborhood organized a Dad's Day Cruise around our neighborhood. We live in an area with one road that circles around a lake; the road itself is about 2.5 miles and there are a few cul-de-sacs off that road. An email went out to all the neighborhood and at 10 AM we started the cruise, visiting every bit of the road and going through every cul-de-sac. Lots of people brought out lawn chairs and waved and yelled. We honked a lot. The cruise was led by the organizer driving his 1929 Chevy touring car (top down), followed by: beautiful 1949 GMC pickup, Fiat 124 Spyder, bright yellow 80's Lamborghini, one of two Miatas, Porsche 911 Targa, my 1983 280 ZX Turbo, a 1991 BMW 850i, another Miata, a recent Honda SUV with "Love my dad" signs, and a few other vehicles I can't recall clearly. There were many grins and yells for my ZX, as it and the Miatas were among the more attainable cars people were familiar with. It was a fun 40 minutes. I had the T-tops out for the first time in a couple of years, which made waving easier. 😁
  13. Nothing screws up the idle like a vacuum leak. As noted above, that filter on the valve cover opening is bad news, and a major vacuum leak. It's a pain to trace and check the vacuum hoses on these engines, but they are often the problem.
  14. The only way I will lift my 83 ZX is by the center of the front crossmember behind the oil pan or the differential housing in back. I use the front frame arms as jackstand points and the attachment points for the rear suspension for jackstands in back. I've done this for 30 years of ownership and never bent anything. I did the same with my 1970 240Z, my 1976 280Z, and my 1982 280ZX. No damage to any of them. Lifting by the floor pans would incline me to have a totally uncharacteristic moment of rage and CHEW THE arse off the person who tried it. Not acceptable today, tomorrow, or any other time. There are good options that don't cause damage, and it doesn't take a MENSA member to find them.
  15. Hi Carl - it's not back up as of 11:15 AM MT Friday, but I'm sure you know that. How are you?? Long time no talk..Al in Colorado.