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  1. Maybe put a fan right outside to pull air through?
  2. You might check with the manufacturer and see if it can be colored before application.
  3. I should have mentioned SRV, but that kinda goes without saying. I loved the work of his bass player, Tommy Shannon. His work with SRV was outstanding. For a treat, here's a version of Pipeline that I love...SVR and "Richard" Dale from the little-known movie "Back to the Beach" which was a beach movie reunion of Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello. It didn't make it into the final cut of the movie, but it's one of the best versions of Pipeline you'll ever hear:
  4. Bonamassa is a real talent, and he CAN play wonderfully. I saw him at Red Rocks this summer and both I and my friends attending were let down by his performance. When he plays, it's all about him. Endless guitar wanking, going on in his solos much too long, and too much emphasis on his own originals which designed to let him go on and on. When he steps out of his "look at me, I'm the star" mode long enough to try a traditional blues tune or let someone else in the band really take some solo time, he's really good. Otherwise, he wore out his schtick in about 45 minutes. I love good guitar, especially living and dead musicans like Danny Gatton, "Richard" Dale, Santana, Popa Chubby and many others. I love Bonammassa's technique, just not the way he uses it when he performs. (Got a chuckle from the website automatically turning Dale's first name into D***. Therefore, I used Richard.)
  5. I've had deep wells, both metric and SAE, in my tool box for 50 years. Most are 3/8" drive, but I also have full sets of 1/2" drive deep well impact sockets. And as noted above, sometimes 1/4" drive deep wells come in handy for small diameter bolts or tight clearance areas.
  6. It's plastic rather than rubber, but machts nichts. As a temporary fix, you can tape a quarter over the hole until you get a replacement plug.
  7. That's pretty incredible compression. Wow!
  8. Yes, it's not so much "I must have X# PSI", it's the difference between the high and low cylinders. 125 PSI is 86% of 145 PSI. You're good according to the manual, although since the alternative is rather extensive work, I wouldn't mind if pressure was less than 80% of the high cylinder. I usually do a wet & dry test to have some idea whether any lower pressures are due to rings, or to valves.
  9. Excellent videos on the sync rings and the gear oils. Interesting premise about flow rate in the gear oils. I think that when I do my 280ZX Turbo transmission, I'll still use GL-5 as the manual recommends.
  10. Are you going to ask the same questions on every Z-car forum that exists? Slow down, do your homework and read the references provided. And if you use the lift points provided by the manufacturer (as shown in the photo earlier in the thread) it's reasonable to presume they will work correctly.
  11. That's how it always works. When the first generation of Z-cars got a bit old and worn, kids got ahold of them and turned them into rusty, noisy hooptys. That happens to all cars that have any performance vibe about them. But many survived without that level of violation, and they're the ones we have today. I learned at ZCON that my '83 280ZXT is one of the cleanest and most original of its generation. That feels pretty nice!
  12. Interesting. Eliminate the population and the disease disappears! Brilliant! Slightly hard on the population, but there you are.
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