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  1. I wasn't a ramen guy - I ate hot dogs for lunch at least 3x a week through college.
  2. Perhaps it would be good to stay with a Japanese theme, to go with the Z-cars?
  3. I think the classic styles should be considered. 3
  4. Re: the people protesting vaccine measures. A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it. (Tommy Lee Jones, Men in Black.) https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20160113-are-your-opinions-really-your-own
  5. There's no one you can depend on more than you. Sounds like you recognize the need for changes, so do that and be reassured that life will be less stressful when you succeed. I wish you the very best!
  6. The aftermarket heals many ills. I'm confident that if you actually want to race a Z, there will be appropriate parts available. "If you build it, they will come."
  7. There are good news sources out there. I sample from CBS, ABC, NBC, NPR, the Denver Post and the local paper. I often refer to stories in the NY Times and other major papers. Our Fox affiliate in Denver is OK on their local news coverage. Their national coverage is tilted a bit but that's hardly surprising. It's the Fox commentary and feature shows that are from right of the Genghis Khan. One thing that people have problems with is an authority like Fauci who changes his wording or interpretation over time. But if you're a scientist and responding to new and changing information,
  8. I heard Tony Fauci talk about the possibility of booster shots within the last 24 hours. He said they should know whether they are advisable by the end of summer. IMO there is no better authority in the world. If he says do it, I'm doing it.
  9. From recent news coverage it sounds like annual booster shots may be a good idea. If that's the case, I'm very much in. That makes sense to me. I get a yearly flu shot anyway, and two sticks are no more trouble than one. That said, I salute Racer X for going through what he has. No fun at all.
  10. Getting a shot is easy. Look AWAY from the shot and find something in the room to focus on. Example: "Hey, that crop-in ceiling panel is crooked. Maybe someone was in there messing around. What do the ones next to it look like?" By the time you have looked carefully at them, the shot is done.
  11. Good call. More people probably got hit by cars than had the serious responses reported. My daughter got the J&J shot last week and is one of millions who is fine. Others in the family got the Moderna and Pfizer. All fine, a couple felt lousy the day after but were fine within a couple of days.
  12. I am blessed by having three vehicles with some of the very best inline 6 engines ever designed - my 1983 280ZX, (thanks, Mercedes) and both a 2008 and 2009 BMW 3-series with their wonderful straight six engines. And they're all fuel injected, which is cool with me. It's interesting that we're still dissecting the flat top problems more than 40 years later.
  13. I figured out a general timeline estimate years ago, and it has proved more accurate than I want to admit. Figure out the longest time the job could possibly take, then double it and add half.
  14. I'm glad the Spanish Inquisition didn't have one of those.
  15. Very nice idea that highlights more Z-cars than any other model. I like it. And they use a manual transmission Z in more than one place! Nice!
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